Insurance Requirements

TMC-Sponsored Insurance

All registered traditional undergraduate students at The Master’s College and Seminary are required to have adequate medical insurance coverage. Therefore, all students are automatically enrolled in TMC-sponsored health insurance provided by Wells Fargo Insurance Services.

  • Students who do not have personal health insurance or coverage through a parent’s insurance must obtain health insurance or purchase the health insurance through The Master's College. The details of this coverage can be found here, or by contacting the Student Health Center.
  • The cost of health insurance coverage purchased through TMC will automatically appear on your tuition statement. Any questions concerning billing should be directed to Student Accounts at (661) 362-2237.
  • Our current plan has expanded coverage and no annual limit as mandated by the Insurance Reform Act. The student health insurance plan Summary of Benefits and Coverage (SBC) document is available from Wells Fargo Insurance Services.
  • Dependent Coverage: Students who are enrolled in the Student Health Insurance Plan may also purchase insurance for their dependents (spouse or children) by contacting Wells Fargo Insurance Services at (800) 853-5899.
  • Students who purchase the TMC-sponsored insurance will need to create an online account to receive their medical ID card. UnitedHealthcare will no longer be sending medical ID cards in the mail.

Insurance Waiver Option

Students covered under their own insurance or a parent's plan can submit an insurance waiver online. Waivers will be approved if they meet the insurance coverage guidelines. Students must submit a waiver once per academic year. The fall waiver deadline is September 12th. The spring waiver deadline is January 30th (for new students starting in the spring). Click the appropriate link below to get started:

Tips for filling out the waiver

  • Once you open the link you will need to enter your current insurance information.
  • You will not be able to reenter the waiver to correct any information, therefore have your current insurance information available.
  • You can only submit a waiver once for each academic year.
  • Waivers will be accepted or denied based on your health plan.
  • You will receive an instantaneous response at the end of your submission.
  • Please contact Wells Fargo Insurance Services at (800) 853-5899 if you have technical difficulties with the online waiver.
  • You must re-submit a waiver each new academic year to avoid being charged for TMC’s insurance plan.
  • Once your waiver is approved, email a copy of the front and back side of your insurance ID card to the Health Center to keep on file.