Technology Fee for Traditional Undergraduates

Student Technology Fee: $60 Per Semester

The Computer Services Department at TMC provides a number of valuable services to our students. Our wireless network is accessible all across campus, including the dormitories. Our Internet connection is filtered for content that violates TMC's usage policy, and all incoming email to our campus email system is filtered by a spam and virus filtration system.

In order to cover the costs of ongoing network service and maintenance, notebook tech support, software licensing, and other expenses incurred so that we can provide this service, new students enrolled at TMC starting Fall 2006 will be charged a $60 Student Technology Fee each semester of enrollment.*

This fee will provide you with the following:

  • Use of TMC's secure wireless infrastructure to access the internet
  • Web Email and MasterNET account
  • Access to TMC student network printers and 300 b/w printouts per semester (additional pages can be purchased from the Student Accounts Center or Library Circulation Desk)
  • Access to self-serve b/w and color scanning to email at the library copy center at no additional charge
  • Ongoing network connectivity and support during your entire time at TMC
  • Spam Filtered Email on your TMC account and Filtered Internet access for your protection
  • Continued development and improvement of TMC's network services and security

*Students who entered TMC before Fall 2006 and already paid a one time technolgoy fee are exempt from the per semester technology fee for the remainder of their enrollment at TMC.

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