Computer and Software Discounts

The following page contains special offers and discounts that are available to TMC-TMS students, faculty and staff. This information is provided for your convenience. Computer Services does not promote any particular vendor over another and is not responsible for any issues related to orders you place. Items purchased here are for personal use only. TMC faculty and staff requiring hardware and software for TMC use should contact Computer Services.

Apple® Education Discounts
Information on Apple® Education Discounts for personal purchases of Mac hardware and software can be found at:

*Be sure to check out the Refurbished Macs and iPods in the Special Deals section of the Apple Store. You will find excellent deals and prices here. Inventory is often restocked several times a week and they operate on a first come, first served basis.

ComputerLand of Silicon Valley
Educational pricing and information for personal purchases on hardware and software including Microsoft, HP and Adobe products from ComputerLand of Silicon Valley can be found at:

Dell® Education Pricing
Academic pricing is available from Dell® for TMC students, faculty and staff wishing to make personal purchases. Additionally, great deals can be found every day at the Dell® Outlet. For more information, please visit and

*Dell's business line of machines (Lattitude Notebooks and Optiplex Desktops) carry a higher level of warranty service than their consumer line and is often included in the price. Notebook users should consider an accidental damage warranty.

Academic software including Microsoft and Adobe products and hardware discounts for students, faculty, and staff personal purchases can be found at JourneyEd. For more information, please visit

Microsoft: The Ultimate Steal
Current students qualify to purchase a downloadable copy of Microsoft Office Pro Academic 2010 for $99.95 and Windows 7 Professional for $29.99. For more information, please click here.

Other Discounts
Other general discounts on hardware, software, and accessories can be found below. There are no specific TMC discounts, but prices are usually greatly discounted. Please note that these sites are provided for your convenience. Computer Services does not endorse one vendor over another and is not responsible for any issues with your purchase.