Golf Cart Safety Training Program

Welcome to The Master's University Golf Cart Safety Training Program! This program has been developed to encourage safe operation on TMC campus properties of golf carts or any type of electric or low powered industrial style utility carts. All faculty, staff, and students who may operate a cart on the TMC properties are required to complete this training.

3 Steps to Safety

Step 1: Click here to view the Golf Cart Training Presentation.

Step 2: Read the Cart Safety Fact Sheet and download, sign, and send the Acknowledgement of Responsibility Form to Campus Safety, box 34.

Step 3: Test drive with a supervisor prior to regular operation of the cart.

  • It is important to be accompanied by a supervisor around campus as each department may maintain additional rules regarding cart operation and charging. This is not an optional step as your signed acknowledgement of responsibility form indicates. If your department has no experienced drivers please email for further assistance.

*Note to Supervisors: Please instruct each person in the basic knowledge of the cart's functions and evaluate their skills as they operate on different parts of the campus properties. Speed is always a factor as well as operating around blind corners.

Anyone involved in a cart collision which results in property damage or injury must report the incident to a supervisor and campus safety.

For more information on TMU policies and procedures with respect to driving vehicles on campus please review the vehicle code on our main website or contact the Director of Campus Safety. 

Questions or Comments

  • E-mail:
  • Guard Shack: (661) 362-2500

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