By Emily Karsik

This week, students from The Master’s College will leave the campus and head in multiple directions to minister at various churches, organizations and even a detention center throughout the greater Los Angeles County and beyond.

Outreach Week falls under the heading of Global Outreach, one of the five Distinctives that The Master’s College was founded upon. For five days in October, classes are canceled and students who have signed up will leave with their teams to where they have elected to serve.

Teams vary in size and the work for each is different, based upon the need. Many teams will participate in manual labor, including cooking, painting and outdoor work. Some teams will also have the opportunity to evangelize, teach English Language and leadership classes and work with youth.

The team working with Grace Community Church in Sun Valley will partner with Awana’s Returning Hearts Ministry at Pitchess Detention Center in Castaic. The team will work with incarcerated men who participate in Awana Lifeline’s Malachi Dads program, which works to reconcile fatherless children with their incarcerated fathers and restore that father-child relationship. This is the first time a team has participated in this for Outreach Week.

“It was really after last year's Returning Hearts Celebration,” explains Steve Ross, the man responsible for connecting Grace Community Church and Outreach Week with this ministry. “I spoke to Mike [Broyles, the executive director of the Awana Lifeline Ministries], and he loved the idea.”

Some of the activities planned include carnival games for the children and inmates, a BBQ lunch and a program put on for the children’s guardians (mothers, grandparents, etc.) right outside the prison on a grassy area.

Athletic teams will also participate in Outreach Week. Both the women’s basketball and men’s golf teams will join with the team from Grace Community Church and serve at the detention center. The women’s soccer team will serve Faith Community Church in Palmdale, helping paint and clean the church’s facilities.

Men’s baseball will host scrimmages against two different squads, followed by a gospel presentation after each one, as well as put on a clinic for young boys and girls. Men’s basketball will work a clinic for Special Olympic Kids.

Men’s soccer will visit Peachland Elementary School to minister to the kids, spending time with them and playing with them during recess. Cross country/track has plans to volunteer at Children’s Hunger Fund.

“This is a unique opportunity every year that we look forward to,” said women’s volleyball coach Bobby Blanken. “This year is no exception.”

Emily Karsik is a TMC communications major