June 16, 2012

SANTA CLARITA, Calif.—Continuing TMC’s Athletic Department’s series designed to better acquaint The Master’s College community with our coaching staff, we have asked sixth-year head coach Curtis Lewis of the Women’s soccer team several questions about his experiences while coaching at the college.

TMC: How did you become a coach at The Master’s College?

CL: I started assisting my first year out of college under Jaime Lindvall. But the woman who I eventually married was on that team and we quicklycurtis1.jpg came to realize that it was not a good idea for me to be coaching her. For that reason I stopped coaching at TMC. She assisted Allan Bowden after she graduated for two years.

While I was continuing to minister at Faith Community Church in Palmdale I received a phone call from TMC’s former athletic director, Paul Berry. He asked if I would consider coming back and coaching the team. My wife and I decided it would be a good ministry fit for us to come back and minister here at TMC.

What was your first exposure to collegiate soccer?

CL: My first exposure to TMC came through my recruiting trip in 1997 when I came out to play for Coach Rickard. Deann’s first exposure was in watching her brother and I play during that first year of playing collegiate soccer in 1998.

How long have you been coaching at TMC?   Where and how long did you coach before coming to TMC?

CL: Deann and I will be starting our sixth year here at TMC. I coached a club team here in the valley for four years. Deann coached and led Desert Christian High School to the CIF championships three consecutive years, while earning three CIF “Coach of the Year” awards.

Describe your most memorable experience at The Master’s College?

CL: As a player winning the NCCAA national championship and ending my playing career on a win was pretty special. In addition, winning the NCCAA championship with our women's team in 2009 and making our first-ever NAIA appearance in 2010 were also very memorable experiences.


What do you love most about The Master’s College?

CL: I love the ability to have an impact on these girls’ lives. We call it "Lifestyle Discipleship."

What character qualities do you look for in an ideal athlete?

CL: Someone who is in love with the Lord and wants to live in community while pushing one another in excellence on and off the field.

In what ways do you view coaching as a ministry?

CL: We don’t view it as just a ministry…it IS ministry. We get more time with the girls in one semester than I would ever have in four years of youth ministry. If we really go for it we can have an amazing influence on each of these girls.

How would you describe a perfect season?

CL: Excellence on and off the field. A team unity and passion to use soccer as a platform and to share the gospel. Obviously to bring that excellence to each game and to compete and play for God’s glory. If it is a perfect season, then all of those things translate into good results.


What has cultivated your passion for soccer?

CL: Seeing that soccer is the world’s game and can so easily translate into opportunities to spread the gospel.


Curtis and his wife Deann currently reside in Santa Clarita, CA.

The Master’s College Athletic Department has been blessed with a wonderful coaching staff whose commitment to the Lord is seen both on and off the field of competition. Join us next week as we interview Zach and Amie Schroeder of the Men's and Women's Cross Country, Track, and Women's Indoor Track teams.