June 1, 2012

SANTA CLARITA, Calif.-- The Master’s College Athletic Department has been blessed with a wonderful coaching staff whose commitment to the Lord is seen both on and off the field of competition. As a part of a new series designed to better acquaint The Master’s College community with our coaches, we have asked fifth-year head coach Dan Waldeck of the Women’s basketball team several questions about his experiences coaching at TMC.

TMC: How did you become a coach at The Master’s College?

DW: I started as a student assistant my sophomore year of college and I’ve been coaching ever since. I owned my own business practice for five years out of college while still coaching, then came on staff full time in 2002.

TMC: How long have you been coaching at TMC? Where and how long did you coach before coming to TMC?

DW: I coached for 17 years and got my start coaching in clinics and camps while I was in high school.

TMC: Describe your most memorable experience at The Master's College?

DW: Winning our first GSAC Tournament Championship in 2003 was super special. It was a great moment to win against such a great opponent (Vanguard).

TMC: What do you love most about The Master’s College?

DW: I love the opportunity to learn and grow in an environment that points each other to a deeper relationship with Christ. Developing relationships that are based on a mutual love for God is so refreshing.

TMC: What character qualities do you look for in an ideal athlete?

DW: I look for integrity, hard work, and personal diligence. I want my athletes to be internally driven to grow in their walk with the Lord, their academic pursuits, and excellence on the basketball floor. If they have this innate desire to grown in these areas, then I’ve seen them gain so much from their time here at The Master’s.

TMC: In what ways do you view coaching as a ministry?

DW: It’s a ministry in the sense that it’s an avenue to share our faith and represent Christ. I love sports and I’ve seen sports open so many doors that would not be available without the game. The bridges that athletics build for the gospel is unbelievable. I’ve seen the gospel get to places that are completely closed to Christianity because of the tie to athletics. So, I’m so thankful that I can participate in basketball that crosses borders and opens doors that would otherwise be unavailable. Thanks be to the Lord for that opportunity and grace.

TMC: How would you describe a perfect season?

DW: Obviously, I want to win games. I’m competitive or I wouldn’t be coaching, but I don’t find my worth in wins. I believe success and perfection are found when our team achieves more as a group than they could ever accomplish as individuals. We’ve fallen short of our goal of getting to the NAIA National Tournament the last couple years, but we’ve seen great growth and progress in individual lives off the floor. I believe the best of seasons are where we can experience both “off the floor” growth and “on the floor” success, but I’ll take the “off the floor” growth every time.

TMC What has cultivated your passion for basketball?

DW: I grew up playing the game and had success most of my career, but it’s been seeing how the game of basketball opens doors into so many areas of life that has grown my hunger towards honing my skills as a coach.

Tune in next week as we interview coach Monte Brooks of TMC's baseball squad.