July 5, 2013

WATTS, Calif. – For most collegians, the first week of July usually consists of family vacations, barbeques, fireworks, and celebrating the birth of the United States of America.

IMG_0118.JPGBut for members of The Master’s College cross country and track and field programs, the first three days of July consisted of a trip to Watts to serve alongside the Los Angeles Global Outreach team by hosting a track and field camp for kids in government provided housing.

Each day, the squad worked with 20-30 kids covering the various disciplines of track and field such as running, hurdling, long jump, shot put, relays, and general fitness.  At noon, lunch was provided at the community center where the team ate with the kids and played games.

Keeping true to the Great Commission, the team primarily used the time to share the Gospel and the eternal impact it has made in their lives.

For senior runner John Hurd (Fairview, PA), the trip served as a reminder that God’s Word can be spread even through teaching track and field skills.OR1.jpg

“One of the biggest things I pulled out of the trip was the receptiveness of the kids and how open they were to the Gospel,” said Hurd.  “Most of the kids at the camp do not live with the homes, finances, and families that we often take for granted, yet they are so open to the Gospel and anyone willing to spend time with them and show them Christ's love.”

The Los Angeles Global Outreach team’s overarching goal was to support a local church by teaching sports camps and GED prep classes for a month.  And even though their time was brief, the assisting members of The Master’s College cross country and track and field programs left with a passion to start the approaching running season grounded in Christ-centered ministry.

OR3.jpg“I realized how powerful and unique it is to truly love others as Christ loved us,” Hurd further commented.  “Loving others can break down barriers, which gives us an opportunity to share the Gospel.  God's unconditional love is so different from anything most of the kids have ever seen.  Being able to demonstrate and communicate that love was a blessing and a joy.”

The coaching staff and administration of The Master’s College Athletic department is committed to cultivating relationships that reveal a heart and life change brought about by a relationship with Jesus Christ.  Opportunities like participating in Global Outreach helps TMC students put their personal faith into action through serving those in the local community.