2012 Spring Production

Savage Banner.jpg

By John Patrick

Directed & Produced byTricia Hulet & Kellie Cunningham

James Phillipps, Assistant Director

Welcome to "The Cloisters" - a lovely home... for the mentally unstable. Ten million dollars is on the line! Can Mrs. Savage keep it safe from her greedy children? Will the quirky inhabitants help her or is she just as crazy as they are? Audiences are left contemplating the importance of kindness and affection and where hope is placed in life: on money, circumstance, people?

Savage Card Throwing

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CAST: Aburea Wagner, Jared Richardson, Katie Gibbs, Samuel Blakey, Catie Pearce, Kevin Clark, Will Gregory, Jenny Breyman, Caitlyn Taylor, Emily Rader, John Phillipps

CREW: Elisa Adams, Kylie Dempsey, Paul Choi, Edwin Tevez, Taylor Arnone, Becky Free, Rachel Schroeder, Amelia Hancock, Carolanne Lyons, Lindsay Christoph, Heidi Smith, Paige Lovasz, Jon Greviskis, Rachel Pennington, Ashlyn Setterfield, Tiffany Gibb, Marissa Wagner, Brianna Steadman, Princess Rose Baldivia Amontos, Nikki Jones, Emaily Karsik, Laura Eelkema, Abby Morse, Taylor Sparks, Kyle Graham

Performed on:
Fridays & Saturdays, March 23, 24, 30, 31, Evening Shows 8:00pm, Saturday Matinees 2:30pm

Ticket Prices: $10-$14 plus Tix fees

2011 Fall Production

ManWhoCame Web Banner

By George S. Kaufmann & Moss Hart

Directed & Produced by Tricia Hulet & Kellie Cunningham

1939: "Breaking News! Sheridan Whiteside, idol of the airwaves and famous author has been injured in a fall at the home of Mr. & Mrs. Stanley of Mesalia, Ohio… Laid up for weeks, all lectures cancelled. NOTICE: Christmas may be postponed this year." Audiences will roar with laughter as they watch Whiteside and his ensemble of famous and eccentric Hollywood "who's who's" take over this Ohio family and their home. The love that blooms may not survive the trouble that is stirred up when Hollywood royalty is mixed with star-struck, small-town characters.


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CAST: Rachel Phillips, Candace Jewell, John Mark Harmeling, Caitlyn Taylor, Jonathan Greviskis, Natalie Keoshian, Jordan Beakley, Rachel Penninghton, Kevin Clark, Emily Rader, Sam Wullbrandt, Taylor Arnone, Becky Free, Will Gregory, Set Connell, Mike Yin, Lyle Michaud, Jared Richardson, Elisa Adams, Kyle Graham, John Phillipps, Jared Stevens

CREW: Paul Choi, Edwin Tevez, Jordan Beakley, Jenny Breyman, Sam Blakey, Taylor Arnone, Robert Brady, Ameila Hancock, Kim Eelkema, Katie Mieding, Ashlyn Setterfield, Brighton Prentice, Victoria Do, Rachel Pennington, Marissa Wagner, Vanessa Haynes, Nikki Jones, Emily Karsik, Laura Eelkema, Abigail Morse, Taylor Sparks

Performed on:
Fridays & Saturdays, October 21 & 22, 28 & 29, Evening Shows 8:00pm, Saturday Matinees 2:30pm

Ticket Prices: $10-$14 plus Tix fees