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Office of Disability Services (ODS) FAQ

The Academic Resource Center (ARC) can enhance your student experience by providing helpful resources, services, learning opportunities and by encouraging a supportive campus community. ARC serves all TMU students, with a particular focus on peer-to-peer tutoring in various areas. See the admissions, financial aid, and housing FAQ here:

Does TMU provide services for students with disabilities?

Yes. Accommodations and support are provided for students with documented disabilities. TMU is committed to providing equal access to educational programs in compliance with Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, as clarified by the  Americans with Disabilities Act (1990, amended in 2008). The Office of Disability Services (ODS) facilitates accommodations for students. Accommodations are determined on an individual basis using the documented disability.

What documentation is required to receive accommodations through the Office of Disability Services?

Documentation must be current and comprehensive. There are established guidelines for documenting disabling conditions. Please refer to the provided intake form or call us with any questions. Please note that eligibility guidelines and accommodations differ from your high school and may differ from other colleges you have attended. An Individualized Education Plan or 504 plan alone is not sufficient documentation.

I have been diagnosed with a disorder/condition. Will, I will automatically be provided accommodations?

No, a diagnosis alone does not qualify students for accommodations. Students must document the existence of an impairment that substantially limits a major life activity, the current impact of this condition, and how it affects the student’s ability to function in this academic setting, as well as the rationale and objective basis for the requested accommodations.

Does the ODS diagnose disabilities?

No. Students are encouraged to contact professionals in their own community for possible assessments. Students are responsible for the cost of any professional assessment.

Who at the university will know about my disability if I register with ODS?

Student confidentiality is crucial to our office. Thus, ODS adheres to FERPA and HIPAA and recognizes that it is the student’s right to determine who receives disability-related information. Previously approved accommodations must be renewed at the start of each semester. To renew accommodations, a student needs to initiate contact with the ODS director and express that they want their accommodations rolled to the next semester and specify who can be notified.

What happens after my disability documentation is received, and completed student forms are returned to ODS?

Students will need to meet with the director of ODS to discuss individual needs and accommodation procedures before accommodations will be provided. It is the student’s responsibility to check if all information is received by ODS. You can schedule an appointment with Disability Services by using this link.

Is there a fee for disability services?

No. Students are not charged for reasonable accommodations. However, students are responsible for the costs of personal aids or assistance devices such as wheelchairs, hearing aids, private tutors, computers to be used at home or personal service attendants.

What accommodations and services will I be eligible for?

TMU provides reasonable academic accommodations to ensure students receive equal access to our educational programs. The accommodations may differ according to class requirements and are determined on an individual basis using current and comprehensive disability documentation. Accommodations provided may never alter any fundamental or essential course requirement or learning outcome. Accommodations do not guarantee successful passing grade(s) in any course.

All requested accommodations must be discussed with the director of ODS on a case-by-case basis prior to the start of the semester. Accommodations cannot be applied retroactively. 

What other services are available to students with disabilities?

TMU has many free services to support all students, including those with disabilities. Tutoring is available in-person or online to aid students in general education classes, writing skills, time management and organization, and other core subjects. Our library staff is available to aid in research. ODS staff will also meet with students to discuss plans for success.

Can I be exempt from purchasing a meal plan?

The ODS only reviews requests for meal plan exemption based on a documented medical condition. Meal plan exemption requests based on dietary preferences, or any other non-documented medical condition, can be submitted to Student Life for review and potential approval.

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