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April 8 Lecture: Dr. Monica Vroman

What is Machine Learning?

  • Speaker: Dr. Monica Vroman
  • Date/Time: Friday, April 8 at 2:00pm PST
  • Location: BSC 200/201 & Livestream

Learning has been at the forefront of human activity for thousands of years. Machine learning, a much newer field, has recently gained popularity and gotten much attention in the media and in conversations around us. In this talk, I will define machine learning, describe its different branches, and explain how it works. I will also answer some of the concerns and questions that people have about the future of technology, especially as it relates to advances in machine learning.


Dr. Monica Vroman

Dr. Monica Vroman was born and raised in Romania and completed her undergraduate studies in computer science at the Politehnica University of Bucharest, where she earned a bachelor’s and a master’s degree. After college, she moved to New Jersey to study machine learning at Rutgers University and earned her PhD under the supervision of Dr. Michael Littman. During her graduate studies, she became increasingly interested in teaching and education, especially in exploring how computer science can be best taught to students from various backgrounds. During her studies at Rutgers, Dr. Vroman met her husband Dave, and they moved to California in 2015. Dave graduated from The Master’s Seminary in 2019 and became a senior chaplain in the LA county jail system in 2020.

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