President's Circle

Where Your Investment Today Equips the Christian Leaders of Tomorrow

Every year

President's Circle members commit to the following:

  • GIVE a minimum annual gift of $600 to the TMC Fund to help support our mission
  • PRAY for our students, faculty, and staff
  • PROMOTE the mission of TMC in your community
  • ENCOURAGE others to consider supporting TMC

We commit to involve you in the life of the College by providing you with current prayer requests, regular updates about life at the College, and opportunities to meet other President's Circle members at special events.


More than 90%

of students at TMC rely on scholarship funds to help underwrite the cost of their tuition. President's Circle members take an active leadership role in the College's development by investing in the lives of deserving students.


Automatic Membership

Friends of the College who give at a level of $600 or more per year automatically become members of the President's Circle.


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President's Message

John MacArthur

The Master's College equips young Christian men and women for spiritual service and leadership - on the job, in the home, and through their ministries.

Every class we teach and every degree we confer stand on the foundation of God's Word. Our students acquire knowledge from a biblical perspective, filtering everything they learn through the lens of God's Word. In other words, they gain wisdom to serve and wisdom to lead.

I invite you to join us in training the next generation of Christian leaders.

John MacArthur signature

John MacArthur, President