Live video feed of the MacArthur Center renovation:

The Master’s College has nearly completed a three-phase renovation of the Robert K. Bross Gymnasium.

The project will include adding air conditioning, construction of a new multi-purpose lobby, and new TMC signage.

The end product will be a new, multi-purpose facility called the MacArthur Center.


The project stems from a desire to steward the campus facilities well by maximizing its uses in athletics and conferences for the future.

Phase one – air conditioning – completed

Phase two – the new lobby – will triple the size of the current lobby and will include expanded bathrooms.

It will also include a new concession area plus a meeting room, which will serve as a multi-purpose facility for the school’s events and conferences.


Phase three – a new plaza and school signage – will create a more distinct entry for the campus. The plaza will include outdoor seating and water features, along with new landscaping.


The architectural design reflects the theme of the college’s most recent building projects – the Welcome Center and Legacy Room, and the newly constructed Dunkin Center cafeteria and balcony.

The lobby and outdoor plaza are slated to be finished in December.