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Alumni-in-Focus: Heather Walsh, class of 2011

August 12, 2013

LOS ANGELES, Calif. – The Master's College Alumni Relations Office recently interviewed alumna Heather Walsh, a 2011 graduate who earned her degree in Biblical Counseling and now currently resides in Dublin, Ireland, and works as a Sales Operations Executive at Yahoo! EMEA.  We asked Heather about her experience at TMC and how her time here helped prepare her for life after graduation.


When you think back to your time at TMC, what are some of your favorite memories?

I have so many great memories from Master’s, but I think one of my favorite times was my semester in IBEX.  Not only did I make lifelong friends and get to experience life in a different culture, but the way I read the Bible was also impacted. Getting to actually see where Jesus lived his life and did his ministry is something I will always be grateful for.  I also have so many great memories from my four years in Sweazy [Dormitory], from meaningful relationships to good conversations to lots of fun and hanging out.


Did certain people or individuals at TMC especially impact you in a particular way?

Being a missionary kid, I loved being a part of the international group at TMC.  I think the fact that the students from Master’s are from all across the country and the world really help make the school what it is.

In addition, I was able to take three classes with Professor Betty Price.  Not only did I learn a lot from her classes, but I appreciated that she would take the time to meet with me for lunch or coffee outside of class.


Heather Walsh and family photo

Heather (left) with her family, outside their home church in Roscommon, Ireland.


Looking back, in what ways did the Lord use The Master’s College (both inside and outside the classroom) to grow and change you personally?

I think the one of the biggest ways the Lord changed me was through all of the counseling classes. I appreciated that they encouraged us to examine our own hearts and lives, rather than only focus on methods of how to help others. The professors, the books we read, and the classes all challenged us to always be growing in the Lord and not be complacent with sin in our life.


How has the training you received at TMC help prepare you for what you are involved in today, both in your career and in the local church?

My time at TMC taught me that serving in my church is not only important, but necessary. I was able to practically learn how to serve through outreach week and SLS, and I know the training I received is still helping me today.

In my workplace, even though I do not have a job in counseling, the principles I learned in my classes have really helped me. I want to do my work with excellence and be a witness to my co-workers.


What is the main lesson that you have taken away from your time at TMC?

It is difficult to think of one main lesson I took from Master’s, but I think one of the biggest things I learned was something that was repeated a lot during my time there: Love God and love others.  I often have to remember to refocus my heart on loving God and others before myself. It’s simple, but it affects every aspect of your life.


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