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Alumni-in-Focus: Brandon Cox, class of 2003

June 20, 2013

LOS ANGELES, Calif. – The Master’s College is so incredibly thankful for our graduates.  Over the years, God has brought thousands of men and women to study here at TMC with the purpose of training them to be sent out as salt and light in a lost world.  Countless TMC alumni are now faithfully working and serving in diverse industries, businesses, and ministries, and we are excited to bring you their stories.

One such alumnus is Brandon Cox, who graduated from TMC in 2003 with his degree in Business Administration, emphasis in Accounting.  Originally hailing from a small town in California called Pollock Pines, Brandon chose to attend TMC, a college he hadn’t considered, because his pastor strongly encouraged Brandon to look at TMC over larger universities.  Now a CPA, Brandon works as an Assurance Manager for Burr Pilger Mayer Inc., a regional accounting & consulting firm in the San Francisco Bay Area.  Brandon credits the professors at TMC for encouraging him to get his CPA license and to get involved in this field of work.  According to Brandon, the business training he received from TMC helped to provide the framework to compete in a difficult business environment with coworkers and competitors who studied at the largest universities in the United States.

Brandon Cox photo

Brandon Cox, class of '03

In addition to career advice, Brandon credits TMC professors for imparting to him radical life-lessons that have come to fundamentally alter the way he views and practices his Christian life.  Specifically, Brandon is thankful for the tremendous impact Dr. Brian Morley (TMC Bible & Theology professor) had on him while he was studying at TMC.  Brandon stated: “While at TMC, I was deeply struggling with some bitterness in my life over trials that I had endured back in high school, but it was Dr. Morley who challenged me to really think biblically about my position in Christ and how that should affect how I view difficulties.  He encouraged me to take the simple step of taking flash cards and writing Bible verses on them that were applicable to my struggles and when I felt that bitterness or anger come to mind to go back to Scripture and what it says about those specific struggles- this was life-changing for me.”

Brandon is also thankful for the courses he took at TMC, including his course in Law & Public Policy.  “In that class,” Brandon says, “the professor took us through the books of the Minor Prophets in the Old Testament, showing how the injustices perpetrated in OT Israel and God’s judgment on those injustices correlate to injustices that are happening in society today.  This was eye-opening for me and caused me to view both modern society and the Minor Prophets in a drastically different light.  Though most people choose to avoid reading the Minor Prophets, that class helped me see that these books of Scripture address so many pertinent issues that we cannot afford to ignore.”

Since leaving TMC, Brandon has become actively involved at NorthCreek Church in Walnut Creek, CA, where he helps out with teaching children in Sunday School and serves also in the singles ministry.  In addition, he has been able to volunteer his time and business expertise to aid Christian business people throughout the world.  We at TMC are thankful for Brandon and the thousands of other Mustang alumni like him who have taken the training they received at TMC and are currently seeking to serve the Lord and to be a witness to a lost world.


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