I was raised in the great state of Texas, where I grew up in Houston. Although the plan was to attend Texas A&M and study engineering, my high-school summer camp counselor suggested Master’s where the pre-medical degree boasted a 95% acceptance rate into med-school.

I decided to visit for a “View” weekend, and during my time on campus I fell in love with this place. I interacted with people my own age living out their walk with the Lord in a very real way. They cared for me and showed me practically what it looks like to follow Christ, have fun in college, and do it all for God’s glory. By the end of my visit I knew this was the school for me.

So, after high school, I moved to California to attend Master’s! During all four years I was constantly blown away by the opportunities God gave me. As a biology major, I was also part of the chorale, performed in theater productions, served as an RA in the dorms, and was given the to opportunity to travel abroad to Israel, France, Switzerland, Albania, and Croatia. Because of intimate classroom sizes, I was able to use all of the resources and learn so much about life. The Lord showed me what it meant to live for Him through the examples of professors, mentors, and friends - in which the Lord also gave me brothers and sisters in Christ with whom I’ll be friends for the rest of my life.

In 2016 I graduated with a degree in pre-medicine. My plan is to eventually attend medical school and become and ER doctor; but I also knew I wanted to take some time off and work before starting medical school.

And THAT is why I work in admissions! I love bringing students like you on campus and showing them what a phenomenal place this is, where you’re going to be trained and surrounded by peers and mentors who want to see you learn and know Christ more. I look forward to meeting you, showing you around campus, and walking with you through the application process.

My recommendation to prospective students is to start by reading the TMU mission and doctrinal statement, and then to explore the undergraduate degrees and programs - or even better, to do that in person at our visit days!

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