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I was born and raised in the charming city of Temecula, California. I was spoiled with the beach and the mountains being less than an hour away. With that being said, the beach was always a weekly visit with my two little brothers and my parents. Growing up, I started playing sports the moment I was able to. From playing basketball, softball, cross country, and volleyball I knew I wanted to pursue one of these at the collegiate level. Starting in high school I dedicated my time to playing volleyball and started looking into what colleges I could attend and play at.

I am so grateful that the Lord placed me in a home that valued Biblical teaching and sound doctrine. My parents had an immense desire for my brothers and I to love the Lord. Thankfully, in high school the Lord changed my heart and I knew I wanted to serve Him as my Lord and Savior. Having said that, this played a huge role in where I wanted to go to college. The Master’s University was always an option because of their reputation at my local church. I finally, pursued the option to played volleyball at TMU and I fell in love with the teams desire to pursue Christ, and the leadership of the coaching staff. As I looked into other aspects of the school it was consistent that TMU stands for Christ and Scripture. Now working for the University, I am thrilled to share my experience at the school and help each potential student purse what the Lord has for them.

My recommendation to prospective students is to start by reading the TMU mission and doctrinal statement, and then to explore the undergraduate degrees and programs - or even better, to do that in person at our visit days!

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