Born and raised in Seattle, Washington, I was blessed to grow up in a Christian household with a loving, supportive family. Throughout my childhood, my free time was spent either playing sports (tennis is my favorite) or spending time with my family and friends.

When it came time to apply to universities, I was forced to really think about what I wanted to prioritize when looking at colleges. Because my two older brothers had attended TMU before me, I had an idea in my mind to be different and pave my own path at a different school. Thankfully, the Lord had a greater plan for me. After touring and researching several Christian universities, Master’s was the school that stood out to me. I saw how it shaped and molded my older brothers and helped equip them for their future careers. I realized Master’s offers a unique space to mature students’ spiritual convictions while also helping develop skills for a professional career through a biblical perspective. The school’s commitment to Christ and Scripture is evident in every aspect of the campus. Quickly, TMU became the only school that I wanted to attend.

During my time at Master’s, I had the privilege to grow in my biblical convictions, gain lifelong, likeminded friendships, invest in the TMU community through student leadership and be mentored by a caring faculty and staff the entire time. One of the most influential parts of my time at TMU was taking a semester to study abroad in Israel through the school’s IBEX program. Being able to explore the land through the lens of the Bible was truly a life-changing experience. TMU offers so many ways to get involved in the community and capitalize on time in college and I appreciate every opportunity I was able to get involved in.

After three and a half years at TMU, I graduated with a degree in Marketing Media in 2020. I am so grateful to be able to use the skills I have learned throughout my schooling here and share my personal experiences with prospective students through this Admissions Counselor position. I look forward to being an advocate and a resource for prospective students as they start their journey here at TMU!

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