Tricia Hulet

Adjunct Faculty, Theatre Arts, Production Techniques & Stage Training


Communication & Digital Arts



Prof. Tricia Hulet directs the Theatre Arts program and teaches the Production Techniques & Stage Training classes. She also produces the annual Christmas Concert and Forest Lawn concert series and manages all concerts and events through the School of Music. She is a graduate of The Master’s College (MA Biblical Counseling; BA Biblical Counseling/minor in Music), where she studied voice and was extensively involved in musical theatre. She has held leading roles in several major productions. Tricia values the performing arts as a means to reflect the Creator and as a way to serve and impact the kingdom of God. Her Master’s degree in Biblical Counseling has been an invaluable background for forming a Biblical philosophy of people, art, and storytelling having the authority and sufficiency of God’s Word as the priority. Tricia loves to see the medium of good theatre and productions used as a gift to the audience with no compromise of who we are as children of God and used to build another example of biblical community that is a bright light to the watching world.


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