Tavi Jinariu

Adjunct Faculty, Guitar


Music & Performing Arts



Tavi Jinariu has distinguished himself as one of the preeminent classical guitarists of this generation. His deeply emotive playing, careful attention to technique, as well as a certain performance passion leaves and indelible impression on audiences.

Tavi Jinariu hails from the beautiful Carpathian Mountains of Transylvania, Romania. He was born in a family of gypsy musicians where singing and dancing were an integral part of life. At the tender age of five, Tavi watched his uncle performing on an electric guitar. His newfound passion overcame restraint as he quietly snuck into the bedroom to strum the strings of that magical instrument with all his might. Years later, against stifling obstacles, Tavi would gravitate towards the same magical instrument.

In the fall of 1999 he was awarded a generous scholarship that made it possible for him to receive the personalized instruction of the world’s preeminent classical guitarist, Christopher Parkening. By the age of twenty-three he completed a bachelor’s degree with an emphasis on classical guitar performance under the tutelage of Christopher Parkening

Christopher Parkening, America’s Preeminent Guitar Virtuoso writes:

“Tavi is an excellent classical guitarist whose fine technique, combined with depth of feeling communicates wonderfully to his audience. His strengths are considerable, among which are a deep love for the guitar, remarkable discipline and motivation, and good musical instincts that give him advanced abilities to interpret the music.”

During his time in college, Tavi Jinariu participated in numerous guitar competitions and won the 1st prize in the ASTA Classical Guitar Competition for the great Los Angeles Area (2001 & 2002), and the ASTA Artist Guitar Competition for the state of California (2003). Tavi’s guitar performances have taken him to numerous European countries (Romania, Hungary, Germany, The Netherlands), to Israel and through most of the United States. He has been featured as a solo artist with various orchestras (New West Symphony, Calabasas Chamber Orchestra) and participated in numerous recording projects and radio appearances.

Currently Tavi Jinariu is the guitar professor at the Master’s University in Santa Clarita, CA and maintains a busy performance and teaching schedule. Tavi is also the founder and owner of www.EliteGuitarist.com an online guitar learning platform. Tavi, his wife Melissa and four children reside in Southern California. They all share a deep commitment to their faith in Jesus Christ.



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