Scott Weber

Adjunct Faculty, Audio Technology


Music & Performing Arts



Scott Weber, a veteran in the field of sound editorial, ADR, Foley mixing and re-recording, discovered his true passion for sound as a child when he took guitar and vocal lessons. He was part of a musical group in high school and, when they recorded an album in a studio, he knew that sound production was going to be his life.

After studying recording engineering at the Dick Grove School of Music, he labored diligently at various sound recording companies pursuing his goal. He eventually landed at Disney, where he worked for 20 years, winning an Emmy Award for his work on Lost, for which he also picked up four Emmy nominations and three CAS nominations. Most recently, he received an Emmy Award nomination for Person of Interest.

Scott has a rare combination of technical creativity that allows him to deliver an efficient and auditory pleasing product to the client. His trained ear and passion for sound, along with his outstanding technical abilities, set him apart. Outside of work, Scott enjoys volunteering his time as an AYSO soccer referee and sound technician at his church. He also enjoys golfing, basketball, skiing, and boating.


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