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Complete requirements for a Bible Minor in 1 year

  • Complete 10 classes (30 accredited units)

  • Experience 2-3 semesters on-campus in Santa Clarita, California

  • Continue studies at The Master’s University in any major, or transfer to another university

  • Eligible for financial aid and scholarships

  • Upon completion students will receive The Master’s Institute Award of Achievement

This unique program offers students the opportunity to dive into the heart of the TMU experience. Spanning 2 or 3 semesters, students complete 10 Biblical Studies classes and also experience life in the dorms, participate in chapel, and are engaged full time in the life-on-life discipleship and academic excellence that TMU offers. Upon completion, graduates receive The Master’s Institute Award of Achievement as well as TMU alumni status.

Additionally, students may choose to register for study-abroad options like TMU’s Israel Bible Extension (IBEX), TMU Turkey/Greece, or register for intramural sports and student societies.

“We believe that every student coming out of the 1-Year Bible Program will have a clear understanding of the Bible and Theology so that they will be better able to be spiritual examples in this fast-changing society, to make wise and proper decisions and to live acceptably before God,” - Dr. Thomas Halstead

Standing firm on Christ & Scripture since 1927, The Master’s University has developed one of the strongest Biblical Studies programs anywhere in the United States. The School of Biblical Studies stresses the understanding, interpretation, and application of biblical literature. The biblical material is studied in light of its original historical environment so that an authentically biblical understanding can be applied to the theological and cultural issues of the modern age. The department attempts to assist all students in developing a biblical worldview in which the principles and norms derived from the Word of God are applied to the whole of life. Spiritual values are emphasized so that practical spiritual growth is experienced along with academic achievement.

Who should consider this program?

  • Students who would like to front-load their general education Biblical Studies courses before continuing their degree (in any major offered) at TMU or transferring to another school.

  • Students who would like to take a year of Biblical Studies after already earning a bachelor’s degree

  • Students who want to meet a requirement for the mission field

  • Students who desire one year of intense Bible training.

Students who complete The Master’s Institute Award of Achievement may continue their 4-year degree at TMU or choose to transfer to another university. All TMU courses are accredited and may be accepted as transfer credit at the discretion of the respective school.

More about the School of Biblical Studies:

  • We uphold the doctrinal statement as outlined here

  • A 12:1 student-teacher ratio, allowing for close teacher-student mentorship and a high-level of scholarship

  • Hold to ACBC counseling vs. integrational models

  • Ranked Top 10% Nationwide for Best Religious Studies Programs and Best Conservative Colleges (, 2020)



Be right at home developing meaningful, life-long relationships with like-minded Christians. Students experience a missional, gospel-centered student life both in and out of the classroom. Master’s offers a full range of facilities, resources, services, and discipleship to the approximately 1000 students on-campus.

  • 3 Chapel services weekly for all faculty, staff and students. Live-Stream the next chapel here: Chapel

  • Intentional opportunities for evangelism and community outreach

  • We welcome veterans, international students, and third-culture students

  • 6 dorms for resident life. Ranked Top 10% Nationwide for “Best College Dorms” and “Best College Campuses” (Niche 2020 ranking)

  • Ranked #1 “Right Choice” University (Wall Street Journal 2017 & 2018); ranked top 10 Christian Universities and top 15% Colleges with the Best Academics in California (, 2019); #2 Nationwide “Most Inspirational” Student Life by Wall Street Journal

Experience it all for yourself


Prospective students and their families are invited to class-visits, 1-to-1 advising, and total-campus experiences year-round. The tree-filled 27-acre canyon campus is close to both the mountains and the beach, with endless career opportunities nearby. At the same time, 2020 ranking once again place in the Top 3% of the nation’s safest campuses, and Santa Clarita consistently ranked one of the nation’s safest cities.

  • Events include Financial Aid workshops

  • View the U includes overnight stay in the dorms hosted by current students

Study & Serve Abroad

Students have the option to study at TMU’s Israel campus, plus a wide range of study locations varying by semester including GO! and TMU Italy

Israel Bible Extension (IBEX) GO! Global Outreach TMU Italy

Affordability & Scholarships

The Master’s University strives to offer students a Christ-centered education within the financial reach of all. We endeavor to keep costs as low as possible, and consequently, our tuition is among the most economical for a private university. This means paying less for school, graduating with less debt, and starting your career faster.

TMU Scholarships Student Career Center Work Study

Alumni & Graduate Degrees

Alumni of the One Year Bible Program most often continue their university degree at TMU, choosing one of the undergraduate majors offered. Students may also choose to transfer their credits out to a different accredited university to continue their studies elsewhere.

For TMU graduates pursuing graduate school, TMU’s 95% graduate school acceptance rate means students are very likely to be accepted to the graduate school of their choice. Students may also continue their studies at TMU&S:

TMU Online MBA Master in Biblical Counseling The Master’s Seminary


Since 1927, the mission of The Master’s University is to empower students for a life of enduring commitment to Christ, biblical fidelity, moral integrity, intellectual growth and lasting contribution to the Kingdom of God worldwide.

  • Required Statement of Faith and Pastoral Recommendation

  • 3.6 GPA average for new applicants


Courses include:

  • Old Testament Survey I and II (3, 3)

  • New Testament Survey I and II (3, 3)

  • Christian Theology I and II (3, 3)

  • Biblical Studies electives* (12)

Total units ……………………………30

*Biblical Studies electives include 4 classes from the offered courses in Bible Exposition, Biblical Languages, Student Ministries, Christian Education, Global Studies (Missions), Theology, or Biblical Counseling

B101, 102 Old Testament Survey I, II (3, 3)

An introduction to the entire Old Testament, employing both thematic and exegetical methods. Literary structure, historical background, and parallel passages are also utilized to discover the unique and priceless lessons of each book. The Fall semester surveys Genesis through Samuel, and the Spring semester covers Kings through Malachi.

B201, 202 New Testament Survey I, II (3, 3)

An introduction to the books of the New Testament, with special emphasis on the life, teachings, and redemptive work of Christ; the founding and growth of the church; and the teachings of the epistles and Revelation. On the basis of the biblical text, parallel readings, projects, and lectures, the events and messages of the New Testament will be portrayed against their historical and cultural setting. The Fall semester surveys the Gospels and Acts, while the Spring semester is devoted to the epistles and Revelation.

BTH321 Christian Theology I (3)

A survey of Christian theology in the areas of God (Theology Proper), the Bible (Bibliology), angels—including Satan and demons—(Angelology), Christ (Christology), and the Holy Spirit (Pneumatology).

BTH322 Christian Theology II (3) A survey of Christian theology in the areas of humanity (Anthropology), sin (Hamartiology), salvation (Soteriology), the church (Ecclesiology), and last things (Eschatology).

ELECTIVES: up to 4 electives (12 units). See the following emphases and categories to explore electives:

Online : Biblical Counseling, Biblical Studies, and Christian Ministries

See the full Academic Catalog here: 2018 -19 Academic Catalog

Sample Course Offerings:

  • Old Testament Survey I and II
  • New Testament Survey I and II
  • Christian Theology I and II
  • 4 x Biblical Studies electives
  • See "Course Requirements" tab for details
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