Kinesiology/Physical Education

When pursuing the kinesiology degree from our Christian college in California, students have the opportunity to study important principles they can use for a successful career and effective ministry in physical education, sports and pre-physical therapy emphasis. These concentrations of study will mold a person's knowledge in activity skills, educational methods, scientific factors in body movement analysis, sports injury care, and allied health careers.

The Department of KPE is designed to prepare Christian leadership in such areas as teaching, coaching, sports injury studies and pre-physical therapy emphasis. Graduating students will participate in the instructional areas of elementary and secondary schools (both public and private) and areas of allied health careers. To implement these objectives, the department provides movement theory, activity courses and science basis course work for teaching careers or allied health studies.

  • Pre-Physical Therapy

Upon completion of the Pre-Physical Therapy program students are prepared to enter graduate degree programs in Physical Therapy (M.P.T/D.P.T), Occupational Therapy (O.T.), Physician Assitant (PA-C), Podiatric Medicine (D.P.M), Chiropractics (D.C) and other related health programs. The Pre-Physical Therapy emphasis is offered as a Bachelor of Science program.

  • Sports Injury Studies

The Sports Injury Studies emphasis focuses on injury prevention, anatomy, evaluation and treatment. Students interested in fitness, sports medicine, exercise science, and nutrition can pursue careers in these fields upon completion.

  • Teaching and Coaching Emphasis

This emphasis prepares a student to teach and/or coach in secondary schools. Courses implement movement theories, teaching of activity courses, and kinesiological components used in teaching physical educational activities or coaching atheletic teams. Areas of administration techniques, philosophical and historical aspects of education, analysis of coaching components, physiological factors, and dealing with adaptive groups are also incorporated within the emphasis.


California Single Subject Teaching Credential in Physical Education

Students desiring to obtain a California Single Subject Teaching Credential in physical education should talk to their advisors about specific major requirements for this credential and make application to the Teacher Education Department.

General Requirements for all Students

The KPE department does not require any general education requirements for non KPE majors. However, KPE majors are not required to take general education requirement MA240 (Critical Thinking and Problem Solving). KPE majors within the pre-physical therapy emphasis are not required to take LS200 (Foundations of Science).

Senior Competency Requirements

All graduating seniors in the KPE Emphasis are required to pass a department assessment exam with at least a 70% grade. The exam consists of the following two sections: (1) writing analysis and subject matter competencies and (2) skills assessment evaluations in at least nine of the fourteen requirements for Professional Activities courses.

All graduating seniors in the Sports Injury Studies Emphasis are required to pass a department assessment exam with at least a 70% grade. The exam consists of writing analysis and subject matter competencies.