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Bachelor’s in Kinesiology

School of Science, Mathematics, Technology, & Health For Christ & Scripture Since 1927

The Bachelor’s in Kinesiology offers three distinct emphases. Depending on the emphasis, students complete 40 units of General Education, 21 of Bible, 56-73 Major Core Courses, and 0-26 Emphasis/Elective courses.

Exercise & Sport Science Pre-Physical Therapy Teaching/Coaching

In Development For 2021:

Sport Management

For students called to the fast-moving and in-demand careers in physical therapy, sport science, or similar fields, the Bachelor’s in Kinesiology offers an established program with an unwavering commitment to academic excellence and biblical truth.

The study of the human body, specifically the movement capabilities God intricately designed and sustains (Ps 139:14; Col 1:16-17; Heb 1:3), defines the major we call “kinesiology”.

Studying kinesiology and physical education at The Master’s University prepares students to work with the human body as members of the body of Christ. At TMU, professors serve not only in the classroom but also on the field, working as athletic trainers, daily practicing what’s taught in the classroom — using the most innovative knowledge and technology available. Students participate in this practical athletic training with Master’s athletes, as well as take hands-on courses in functional anatomy, corrective exercise, and assessment techniques. Alongside these courses, each student participates in at least one internship before graduation, many of which have led to careers in Allied Health, coaching, firefighting, physical training, teaching, and more.



Women’s Athletics : Basketball, Beach Volleyball, Cross Country, Golf, Soccer, Swim & Dive, Track & Field (Indoor/Outdoor), Volleyball

Men’s Athletics : Baseball, Basketball, Cross Country, Golf, Soccer, Swim & Dive, Track & Field (Outdoor), Volleyball

Alumni & Graduate Degrees

Since 2007, Kinesiology students have attended over 29 graduate schools including CSU, UCLA, USC; the University of Florida, of Montana, of Nebraska, of New Mexico, of Pittsburg, of South Carolina, of Wisconsin; as well as private and specialized schools including Azusa Pacific, Loma Linda, and Liberty University.

For students pursuing graduate school, TMU’s 95% graduate school acceptance rate means alumni are likely to be accepted to the graduate school of their choice. Graduate programs studied include Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Osteopathic Medicine, Exercise Science, Nursing, and Medical School.

TMU Online MBA Teaching Credential



Be right at home developing meaningful, life-long relationships with like-minded Christians. Students experience a missional, gospel-centered student life both in and out of the classroom. Master’s offers a full range of facilities, resources, services, and discipleship.

A Global Experience 2,500+ TMUS students with around 40% on-campus in undergraduate programs, coming from all around the world and typically including 40 different countries and 40 different states.

A Top-ranked Student Life Rated #2 Nationwide “Most Inspirational” by Wall Street Journal, and “A” Grade by, and ranked #1 “Right Choice” University (Wall Street Journal 2017 & 2018)

A Beautiful Campus 6 residence halls on one of America’s safest ranked campuses, with Santa Clarita consistently ranked one of the nation’s safest cities. Rated Top 10% Nationwide for “Best College Dorms” and “Best College Campuses” (Niche 2020 ranking)

A Community Of Worship 3 chapel services weekly for all faculty, staff, and students. You may already live-stream the service here: Chapel. Additional opportunities for evangelism and community outreach include the Evangelism Club or The Master’s Chorale.

Experience it all for yourself


Southern California: a lively, oak-filled canyon campus close to both the mountains and the beach. Endless career opportunities are nearby, and students can join and serve at any number of recommended local churches. Prospective students and their families are invited to class-visits, 1-to-1 advising, and total-campus experiences year-round.

  • Events include Financial Aid workshops

  • View the U includes overnight stay in the dorms hosted by current students

Study & Serve Abroad

Kinesiology students have the option to study at TMU’s Israel campus, plus a wide range of study locations varying by semester, including GO! and TMU Italy.

Israel Bible Extension (IBEX) GO! Global Outreach TMU Italy

Affordability & Scholarships

We strive to offer students a Christ-centered education within the financial reach of all. We believe in paying less for school, graduating with less debt, and helping students start their careers better prepared for success.

Total Cost Calculator TMU Scholarships Student Career Center Work Study


Since 1927, the mission of The Master’s University is to empower students for a life of enduring commitment to Christ, biblical fidelity, moral integrity, intellectual growth, and lasting contribution to the Kingdom of God worldwide.


B.A. in Kinesiology & Physical Education Core Courses*

  • LS321 Human Anatomy/lab (4)

  • LS322 Human Physiology/lab (4)

  • KPE212 Introduction to Kinesiology (2)

  • KPE222 Sport Analysis (2)

  • KPE223 Sport Analysis Practicum (2)

  • KPE303 History and Philosophy of P.E. (3)

  • KPE313 Adapted Physical Education (3)

  • KPE314 Kinesiology (3)

  • KPE316 Physiology of Exercise (3)

  • KPE324 Psychology of Coaching (2)

  • KPE402 Health Education (1)

  • KPE404 Sport in American Culture (3)

  • KPE405 Statistical Analysis (3)

  • KPE414 Organization and Administration of P.E. (3)

  • KPE425 Prevention/Care of Athletic Injuries (3)

  • KPE436 Motor Learning (3)

  • KPE490 Senior Competency (1)

  • Physical Education Electives (11)

Total core courses (56)

*For Exercise & Sport Science and Teaching/Coaching emphases only.

Teaching/Coaching Emphasis Courses

This emphasis includes coaching courses in a wide range of Professional Activities, including Team Sports, Racket/Club Sports, Aquatics, Gymnastics, Conditioning/Rhythms, Combatives, Outdoor Educational Activities, and Nontraditional.

  • Kinesiology & Physical Education core courses (56)

  • KPE256 Movement Education (2)

  • KPE383 Teaching Individual/Dual Sports (3)

  • Professional Activities (2)

  • Professional Activities II (2)

  • Professional Activities III (1)

  • Professional Activities IV (1)

  • Professional Activities V (3)

  • Professional Activities VI (1)

  • Professional Activities VII (1)

  • Professional Activities VIII (1)

Total units required for emphasis (73)

Exercise & Sport Science Emphasis Courses

The exercise & sport science emphasis prepares students for careers and specializations in sports nutrition, advanced prevention & care of athletic injuries, reconditioning of athletic injuries, primary physical assessment, and other similar areas.

  • Kinesiology & Physical Education core courses (56)

  • LS252 Cell Biology (4)

  • KPE396 Program Design for Strength and Conditioning (3)

  • KPE353 Sports Nutrition (3)

  • KPE426 Advanced Prevention & Care of Athletic Injuries (3)

  • KPE446 Reconditioning of Athletic Injuries (3)

  • KPE465 Primary Physical Assessment (2)

  • Elective courses (10)

    • Elective courses consist of any courses offered at TMU or courses transferred in as Kinesiology courses other than required courses listed in each department emphasis.

Total units required for emphasis (84)

B.S. in Pre-Physical Therapy Core Courses

The pre-physical therapy emphasis is a Bachelor of Science program that prepares students to enter graduate programs in physical therapy (M.P.T./D.P.T.), occupational therapy (O.T.), physician assistant (PA-C), podiatric medicine (D.P.M.), chiropractics (D.C.), and other allied health programs.

Pre-Physical Therapy students do not take the B.A. core.

  • BE101 Introduction to Psychology (3)

  • CH151 General Chemistry I (4)

  • CH152 General Chemistry II (4)

  • LS151 Organismic Biology (4)

  • LS321 Human Anatomy (4)

  • LS322 Human Physiology (4)

  • KPE303 History & Philosophy of P.E. (3)

  • KPE313 Adapted Physical Education (3)

  • KPE314 Kinesiology (3)

  • KPE316 Physiology of Exercise (3)

  • KPE402 Health Education (1)

  • KPE405 Statistical Analysis (3)

  • KPE425 Prevention & Care of Athletic Injuries (3)

  • KPE426 Advanced Prevention & Care of Athletic Injuries (3)

  • KPE436 Motor Learning (3)

  • KPE446 Reconditioning of Athletic Injuries (3)

  • KPE465 Primary Physical Assessment (2)

  • KPE479 Clinical Internship (Practicum 60 hours) (1-3)

  • KPE490 Senior Competency Exam (1)

  • Four of the following electives (16)

    • LS252 Cell Biology (4)

    • LS352 Medical Physiology (3)

    • LS361 Immunology (4)

    • LS362 Medical Microbiology (4)

    • CH351 Organic Chemistry I (4)

    • MA121 Calculus I (4) and PS251, 252 General Physics I, II (4, 4)

    • And/or four other units from the Math, Biology, or Kinesiology Departments

Total units required for emphasis (71-73)

The pre-physical therapy emphasis is a Bachelor of Science program that prepares students to enter graduate programs in physical therapy (M.P.T./D.P.T.), occupational therapy (O.T.), physician assistant (PA-C), podiatric medicine (D.P.M.), chiropractics (D.C.), and other allied health programs.

Minor in Kinesiology & Physical Education

For a minor in physical education, the following courses are required:

  • LS321 Human Anatomy (4)

  • LS322 Human Physiology (3)

  • KPE212 Introduction to Kinesiology (2)

  • KPE303 History & Philosophy of P.E. (3)

  • KPE314 Kinesiology (3)

  • KPE324 Psychology of Coaching (2)

  • KPE405 Statistical Analysis (3)

  • KPE414 Organization & Administration of P.E. (3)

  • Physical Education Electives (2)

  • Five of the following (5)

    • KPE103a Professional Activities I: Soccer (1)

    • KPE103b Professional Activities I: Football (1)

    • KPE113 Professional Activities III: Beginning/Intermediate Swimming (1)

    • KPE113b Professional Activities V: Rhythms (1)

    • KPE114a Professional Activities II: Golf (1)

    • KPE124 Professional Activities IV: Beginning/Intermediate Gymnastics (1)

    • KPE235a Professional Activities I: Basketball (1)

    • KPE235b Professional Activities II: Badminton (1)

    • KPE245a Professional Activities V: Aerobics (1)

    • KPE245b Professional Activities V: Body Conditioning (1)

    • KPE266a Professional Activities I: Volleyball (1)

    • KPE266b Professional Activities II: Tennis (1)

Total units required for minor (30)

Degree Checklists

Degree Checklist

Degree Checklist


Program Credits

General Education: 40
Bible: 21
Major Core Courses: 56-73
Emphasis/Electives: 0-26

Sample Course Offerings:

  • Human Anatomy
  • Cell Biology
  • Sport in American Culture
  • Motor Learning
  • Psychology of Coaching
  • Reconditioning of Athletic Injuries

Career Paths

  • Physical Therapist
  • Sports Medicine
  • Athletic Management
  • Osteopathic Medicine
  • Exercise and Sport Science
  • Personal Trainer
  • Medicine
  • Teacher or Coach
  • Major Courses keyboard_arrow_down
    Course Number Course Name Units
    KPE313 Adapted Physical Education 3
    KPE426 Adv Prev Care Of Athletic Injuries 3
    KPE479 Clinical Internship 1
    KPE415 Elementary Pe Components Techniques 2
    KPE402 Health Education 1
    KPE303 History Philosophy Of Pe 3
    IA492 Intercollegiate Baseball 1
    IA192 Intercollegiate Baseball 1
    IA410 Intercollegiate Basketball Men 1
    IA110 Intercollegiate Basketball Men 1
    IA421 Intercollegiate Cross Country 1
    IA121 Intercollegiate Cross Country 1
    IA451 Intercollegiate Golf Men 1
    IA151 Intercollegiate Golf Men 1
    IA431 Intercollegiate Soccer Men 1
    IA131 Intercollegiate Soccer Men 1
    IA470 Intercollegiate Swimming Diving 1
    IA170 Intercollegiate Swimming Diving 1
    IA462 Intercollegiate Track Field 1
    IA162 Intercollegiate Track Field 1
    IA472 Intercollegiate Volleyball Men 1
    IA172 Intercollegiate Volleyball Men 1
    IA441 Intercollegiate Volleyball Women 1
    IA141 Intercollegiate Volleyball Women 1
    IA442 Intercollegiate Women S Beach Volleyball 1
    IA142 Intercollegiate Women S Beach Volleyball 1
    KPE212 Introduction To Kinesiology 2
    KPE314 Kinesiology 3
    KPE436 Motor Learning 3
    KPE256 Movement Education 2
    KPE414 Organization Admin Of P E 3
    KPE316 Physiology Of Exercise 3
    KPE425 Prevention Care Of Athletic Injuries 3
    KPE465 Primary Physical Assessment 2
    KPE235a Pro Act I Basketball 1
    KPE103a Pro Act I Soccer 1
    KPE266a Pro Act I Volleyball 1
    KPE235b Pro Act Ii Badminton 1
    KPE125b Pro Act Ii Disc Golf 1
    KPE114a Pro Act Ii Golf 1
    KPE266b Pro Act Ii Tennis 1
    KPE113 Pro Act Iii Beg Int Swim 1
    KPE124 Pro Act Iv Gymnastics 1
    KPE245a Pro Act V Aerobics 1
    KPE245b Pro Act V Body Conditioning 1
    KPE113b Pro Act V Rhythms 1
    KPE268a Pro Act Vi Self Defense 1
    KPE268b Pro Act Viii Pickleball 1
    KPE296 Program Design For Strength Cond 3
    KPE396 Program Design For Strength Condition 3
    KPE324 Psychology Of Coaching 2
    KPE446 Reconditioning Of Athletic Injuries 3
    KPE448 Research In Physical Education 3
    KPE490 Senior Competency Exam 1
    KPE404 Sport In American Culture 3
    KPE223 Sports Analysis Practicum 2
    KPE222 Sports Analysis 2
    KPE353 Sports Nutrition 3
    KPE405 Statistical Analysis 3
    KPE383 Teaching Individual Dual Sports 3
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