Faculty Profiles

Mrs. Beth A. Mackey

Chairperson, Department of Home Economics
B.S., Purdue University
Joined TMC 2006

Mrs. Mackey received a Bachelor of Science degree in Home Economics- Education from Purdue University. Shortly after completing her undergraduate studies, she taught home economics to high school and junior high school students in both public and private schools. Mrs. Mackey's professional teaching remained "on hold" while she raised four children, but her involvement in clothing construction and alterations has flourished through her home-based, small business called "Sewhat Alterations." Mrs. Mackey is married to Dr. R.W. Mackey, who teaches in the Business Administration department at The Master's College. They have four children (two daughters and two sons) and seven grandchildren.

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Adjunct Faculty

Mrs. Glenda Hotton

Mrs. Glenda Hotton
Adjunct Faculty, Home Economics, Character Development
A.A., Mission College
B.A., California State University, Northridge
M.A., Azusa Pacific University
Joined TMC 1997

Mrs. Hotton has a passion for implementing the Titus 2 teaching. Her degrees are in Women's Issues with a MA in Family Studies. She teaches Dynamics of Family Living (HE 402), Family Development (HE 414), Women in Society (HE 301), Understanding Aging (HE 307) and Women's Issues (HE 483 and BMN 399). She developed and teaches a 9-12 week course in etiquette and manners for home school female students. She is a speaker for women's groups, teaching women to become the vessel God created them to be. She and her high school sweetheart Bob (Vice President of Plant Operations at TMC) have four daughters, ten grandchildren and one great-grandchild". Mrs. Hotton enjoys reading, collecting vintage books on manners, etiquette and male/female relationships, and biking for exercise.

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Mrs. Janet Taylor

Adjunct Faculty
B.S., University of California, Berkeley
Joined TMC 1988

Mrs. Taylor teaches the Nutrition and Food Science courses in the Home Economics Department. These include  HE 202, 202L, Principles of Food Preparation and the Laboratory;  and HE 305, 305L, Meal Management and the Laboratory.

Mrs. Taylor and her husband, Robert, are members of Living Hope Evangelical Fellowship and have two grown sons.

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Mrs. Kimberly Toqe

B.S., The Master's College M.S., California State University, Northridge Joined TMC 2008

Mrs. Toqe teaches HE 201 Nutrition, HE 304 Nutrition for Children, HE483 Topics in HE-FCS: Recipe Development, and oversees HE484 Internship in HE-FCS.Mrs. Toqe's degrees are in HE-FCS and Biology with a Master's in Nutrition, Dietetics and Food Science. She and her husband, Brian, have one daughter.

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