What are they doing now?

Home Economics--Family Studies and Consumer Sciences graduates are around the world using their degree in a variety of ways. A sampling from our yearly survey reveals:

I have been able to use my Home Economics degree on a daily basis in my workplace as I assist clients with fabric selection and space planning. I have also been able to use my degree as I volunteer with the high school students at my church.   I have had the privilege of leading a small group from the high school department. I meet with the girls on a monthly basis for a time of fellowship and discipleship.
~ Danielle Tasmajian

My husband sometimes jokes that I can do "anything" because I'm a Home Ec. graduate, and I think that is partially true. I have used my degree in so many ways, both in my personal life and professional life - meal planning, event planning, financial planning, clothing construction, etc.
~ Corinne (Shook) Thomas

I have used my degree through planning and implementing meals, managing our household finances, keeping our house clean, tidy, and comfortable, and in opening our home to guests.
~ Maria (Figueroa) VanderJagt

I am using my degree both at home and at work. One of the courses that I teach is a high school Home Economics class.
~ Jennifer (Fuller) Warren

I am a homemaker who uses all the home management, consumerism, finance, etc. information every day. I am also employed as a Home Economics teacher, and I teach others the skills and information.
~ Becky (Thompson) Watson

Mainly in everyday life... Many of the principles taught in the classes can be applied to every day in work, in your spiritual life, in home, and in marriage. A funny and specific way I used my Home Ec. this past year was the first day I started my job my boss sat down with me and went through a large (yes, large even in Home Ec. terms) Procedures Manual Notebook that had been compiled by the lady who previously worked this job. He asked me to go through it, organize it in a more user-friendly way, and duplicate it. I laughed to myself and thought "What are the chances that after all of those Home Ec. notebooks, my boss asked me to do one on the first day of a new job?" I loved the task and did it in a breeze.
~ Rachel (Allen) Wilson

I have been able to use the skills I gained at TMC to pursue a master's degree in FCS-Interior Design. God also gave me the privilege to teach the interiors course at the Home Ec. Department last year.
~ Ophelia Yuen