The Department of Communication of The Master's College has an equal commitment to quality and character. Students gain a godly philosophy of communication in a spiritually challenging environment as well as the skills necessary to turn their passions into careers that compete on the highest level of excellence.

The basic elements of Christianity - evangelization and edification - require effective communication skills. Therefore, the Department of Communication seeks to identify and develop the students' spiritual gifts of relating to communication arts and sciences. The Department of Communication emphasizes the theory and practice of speech communication, print media, and electronic media.

When pursuing the communications degree from our Christian college, California students gain a foundation for careers in teaching, law, advertising, professional writing, and broadcasting, as well as missions and church-related ministries. They also develop a Christian world view based on the history, impact, and functions of human communication. There are three emphases to choose from in the Department of Communication:

  • Electronic Media
  • Print Media
  • Speech Communication

Electronic Media

The Electronic Media emphasis has gone through a dramatic change over the last three years. The staff, technology, courses, and philosophy of the department have been revitalized to make this emphasis able to compete with film departments at some of the most respected schools in the country.

Print Media

The Print Media emphasis of the communication program prepares students for a career in any aspect of the writing, publishing, and distribution of written work. Students in this program take classes such as Promotional & Advertising Writing, Poetry Writing, and Editing.

Speech Communication

The Speech Communication emphasis helps to develop the students' ability to think, write, and speak clearly. It stresses efficacious interpersonal and public communication, as well as a broad range of understanding in historical and current communication methods.