Business Administration

Business administration is a profession practiced by managers who solve problems and make decisions in the process of leading and guiding an organizational unit in its efforts to achieve some inherent goal or objective. Organizational activities are measured for their effectiveness (the degree to which organizational goals are accomplished) and for their efficiency (the cost in resources used to achieve these goals.)

In the Business Department, studies develop from a common viewpoint that all truth is of God. Therefore, as led by the Spirit, the student will search for truth to be applied with wisdom to the glory and honor of God.

Every business student completes the basic core of business courses, then takes additional courses in at least one of the seven Business emphases:

  1. Accounting
  2. Christian Ministries Administration
  3. Finance
  4. International Business
  5. Management
  6. Management Information Systems
  7. Marketing
  8. Pre-law
  9. Public Relations


Christian students pursuing our business administration degree will study the fundamentals of management theory together with the "tools" used by modern management practitioners; will explore modern theories, concepts, and principles of management and administration; will apply the lessons learned to contemporary management situations; and will be encouraged to develop an appetite for contemporary literature in the dynamic field of business administration.


Students with a program emphasis in accounting will study basic accounting theories and principles as recognized and practiced by the accounting profession. Graduates may enter public accounting (CPA) or management accounting (CMA) careers.

Christian Ministries Administration

This emphasis is designed for those who specifically desire to minister in an administrative capacity in a local church or other Christian organization. This emphasis helps prepare students for careers as a Pastor, Christian School or Christian College Administrator, Church Administrator or Missions Director, which allows our program to be ranked as the top business degree from a Christian college California has to offer.


This emphasis is designed for those students preparing for a career in banking, investments or corporate finance.

International Business

Students pursuing international business will prepare to enter a business career within an international environment (either domestically or abroad) with dual purposes of missional living and wealth generation


Students pursuing this emphasis will study the functions that managers perform as well as the conceptual framework of organizations working to achieve common goals and objectives. Graduates may enter career paths in general management or, with further graduate studies, enter one of the specialized management fields.

Management Information Systems

Students pursuing this program emphasis will undertake studies to develop a competency in the application of computer technology to the problem-solving and information-handling activities necessary for the effective, efficient conduct of business activities.


Students pursuing this program emphasis could enter a business career in sales and/or marketing with a dual purpose of missional living and wealth generation.


Students preparing for a legal career may choose a curriculum which emphasizes law and business before entering law school. This emphasis affords an excellent foundation for business law practices.

Public Relations

Students who choose this emphasis will study a combination of business and communication disciplines which will prepare them to influence the opinions and choices of people within a free market.