Online General Education

TMU Online offers all 61 units of required general education required to graduate. Students also take the courses to meet general education requirements at other institutions or for personal enrichment. These courses run 8-weeks in length, and we offer them in every session of every semester.

We teach each course from a Biblical worldview. With this in mind, we challenge our students academically and spiritually, by examining historical and contemporary issues with a Biblical approach.

Required General Education Courses

Course Number Course Name Units
B101 Old Testament Survey I 3
B102 Old Testament Survey 2 3
B201 New Testament Survey 1 3
B202 New Testament Survey 2 3
E110 English Composition 3
POL220 United States Government 3
E120 Introduction to Literature 3
H230 United States History 3
ECN200 Macroeconomics 3
C100 Spoken Communications 3
H211 Essentials of World History I 3
H212 Essentials of World History II 3
MU190 Essentials of Music and Art 3
BTH321 Christian Theology I 3
BTH322 Christian Theology II 3
LS150L Essentials of Biology Lab 1
LS150 Essentials of Biology Lecture 3
MA240 Critical Thinking and Quantitative Analysis 3
P311 Intro to Philosophy 3

Elective Coursework

Course Number Course Name Units
B342 Romans 3
B346 Life of Christ 3
BC300 Introduction to Biblical Counseling 3
B340 Biblical Interpretation 3
BL305 Elementary Greek 1 3
BL306 Elementary Greek 2 3
BL307 Elementary Greek 3 3
BE101 Introduction to Psychology 3
ECN210 Microeconomics 3
SP220A Introductory Spanish 1A 2
SP220B Introductory Spanish 1B 2
BL325 Introduction to Biblical Languages 3
C371 Interpersonal Communication 3
C382 Persuasion 3
CH151 General Chemistry I 3
C472 Rhetorical Criticism 3
CH152 General Chemistry II 3
CH260 Introduction to General, Organic and Biochemistry 3
MT422 Business Strategy 3