Online Dual Enrollment

High School juniors and seniors can get a jump start on their college degree and earn high school credit through our online courses. Students will earn accredited college-level units that are transferable to most colleges.

Biblical Worldview. We teach each course from a Biblical worldview. With this in mind, we challenge our students academically and spiritually, by examining historical and contemporary issues with a Biblical approach. Save Money. Students that participate in dual enrollment save money, as we significantly reduce the tuition for the dual enrollment program. The more units they take, the less they will spend on their total college tuition. Save Time. By completing college credits in high school, students can shorten the amount of time required to complete their bachelor’s degree. As a result, students can enter their careers earlier.

See below for courses available, start dates, and admission requirements.

Please note that it is up to the accepting university or college if they will accept the transfer credits. We encourage all students to contact the institution(s) they would like to transfer the units in to.

Courses Available

Course Number Course Name Units
POL220 United States Government 3
H230 United States History 3
MA240 Critical Thinking and Problem Solving 3
ECN200 Macroeconomics 3
P311 Introduction to Philosophy (Seniors Only) 3
C100 Spoken Communications 3
MU190 Essentials of Music and Art 3
SP220A Introductory Spanish 1A 2
SP220B Introductory Spanish 1B 2
E110 English Composition 3
H211 Essentials of World History I 3
H212 Essentials of World History II 3
  • Tuition is $150 per unit for online dual enrollment students, compared to $1175 per unit for traditional undergraduate programs when enrolled in less than 12 units.

  • Each class lasts 8 weeks.

  • Spring classes start each January and March

  • Summer classes start each May and July

  • Fall classes start each August and October


Admission Requirements

The requirements for an 11th- or 12th-grade high school student to be admitted to the Dual Enrollment Program are as follows:

  • Have a clear profession of faith in Jesus Christ as his/her personal Savior.

  • Submit official high school transcripts demonstrating completion through at least his/her 10th-grade year with a cumulative GPA of at least 2.75.

  • Enroll in only general education/elective (100, 200 level) classes.

Requests for an exception to any of the above policies must be approved by the Dean of Online Education and/or the Senior Vice President and Provost.


If you’re looking for the Academic Catalog, Degree Checklist, or Credit Hour Policy, please click the gold “All Programs” link above and scroll down.