Master of Business Administration


You want to develop into a leader in the business world, and you are seeking the skills and knowledge to reach that goal. The Master’s University MBA program, designed by business leaders with real-world experience, will train you to become the leader God has gifted you to be. TMU MBA graduates will be ready to meet the challenges facing today’s organizations, effectively lead them into the future, and have an eternal impact for the Kingdom of God.

Every course at The Master’s University has an unwavering faithfulness to the Word of God. We teach modern business rooted in the Word of God so that the leader can integrate scripture in all areas of their personal and professional life.


Weeks Per Class:


Number of Classes:


Total Units*


Total Cost**


*Does not include required general education and elective coursework.
**Major courses are $450 per unit. This cost does not include the required general education and elective coursework

Major Courses and Prerequisites

  • Major Courses keyboard_arrow_down
    Course Number Course Name Units
    BUS510 Enterprise and Public Policy 3
    BUS520 Business Law (Graduate) 3
    MKT561 Marketing Strategy 3
    ACC520 Financial Accounting 3
    INB511 International Business (Graduate) 3
    FIN540 Corporate Finance 3
    ACC510 Managerial Accounting 3
    MGT550 Operations Management 3
    BUS530 Statistics 3
    MIS510 IT Management 3
    MGT590 Leadership 3
    MGT510 Organizational Behavior 3
  • Prerequisites keyboard_arrow_down

    The following courses may be required if not complete in your undergraduate program.

    course Number Course Title Units
    ECN200 Macroeconomics 3
    ECN210 Microeconomics 3
    MGT422 Business Strategy 3

    The Following Bible course is required and must be complete prior to your final course.

    course Number Course Title Units
    B121 Essentials of Christian Thought 3

Learning Objectives

At completion of The Master’s University Master of Business Administration (MBA) program, the student will be able to:

  1. Conduct quantitative analyses of complex business situations.

  2. Strategically solve complex business problems.

  3. Integrate Scripture into the decision making process.

  4. Communicate at an advanced level in a variety of verbal and written formats, and a range of business-related situations.

  5. Apply high level business concepts to real life business situations.

Admissions Requirments

Admissions Requirements

1. Faith in Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and Savior

2. Sealed official College transcripts

3. 2.75 or higher undergraduate GPA

4. Completed Application