Master of Arts, Biblical Studies


The Master’s University Master of Arts in Biblical Studies (MABS) is a fully online graduate Bible degree with no on-campus requirements. This program provides a systematic graduate-level study of the various sections of the Old and New Testaments. It also includes an examination of the major categories of Christian Theology, with particular focus on their application to current societal issues.


Students in the MABS program will have five emphases to choose from where students will develop a more advanced understanding of the application of biblical truth particularly relevant to their gifts and Ministry. The five emphases are:

  1. Biblical Languages

  2. Missions

  3. Music and Worship

  4. Theological Studies

  5. Women’s Ministry


Weeks Per Class:


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**Courses are $400 per unit.

Major Courses

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Learning Objectives

  1. Research available biblical and theological literature to develop a concise, biblically-supported synthesis of the supernatural and historical origin, the primary purposes, focus, and content outline of each of the 66 books of the biblical canon.

  2. Use correct hermeneutical principles to present a theologically-defensible explanation, interpretation, and application(s) of any given biblical text in its historical and theological dimensions.

  3. Research available biblical and theological literature to construct a detailed biblically-supported analysis of the central theological themes of the Scriptures relating them to the appropriate categories of systematic theology.

  4. Analyze the key presuppositions of selected prevailing worldviews and develop a detailed, biblically-supported comparison of each with the foundational assumptions of a biblical worldview.

  5. Develop thoughtful, defensible responses to prevalent contemporary personal, ecclesiastical, and societal issues which: a. are founded on a biblical worldview, b. make accurate and effective use of the biblical text, and c. are consistent with the principles of systematic theology.

  6. Demonstrate ability to perform and communicate graduate-level biblical research that includes application principles for practical ministry and living where appropriate

Emphasis Information

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    Students seeking an emphasis in Biblical Languages will conduct an advanced study of Greek and Hebrew grammar and exegetical methods leading to more accurate interpretation of scripture.

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  • Missions Emphasis keyboard_arrow_down

    Students earning the Missions emphasis will be equipped to understand, support, and participate in the mission of God through the local church and around the world..

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  • Music and Worship keyboard_arrow_down

    The emphasis in Music and Worship is designed to enrich the life of the church. Students will learn to design, produce, and lead theologically sound worship services.

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  • Theological Studies keyboard_arrow_down

    Students earning a Theological Studies emphasis will explore a deeper defense of challenges to biblical doctrine, conduct research, and explore practical application of theology.

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  • Women's Ministry keyboard_arrow_down

    The emphasis in Women’s Ministry prepares women to lead and design unique ministry opportunities for other women which will deepen and enrich the the spiritual life of the church.

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Admissions Requirements

  1. Faith in Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and Savior

  2. Sealed official College transcripts

  3. 2.75 or higher undergraduate GPA

  4. Completed Application