The Master’s University Online Dual Enrollment Program

High School juniors and seniors can get a jump start on their college degree and achieve dual credit through our online courses.  Students earn fully accredited units, taught from a Biblical worldview which are transferable to most colleges.

Save Money!

You can earn college credits at a discounted rate ($150/unit), while enrolled in The Master’s University Online program.  

Save Time!

  • Earn both high school and college units simultaneously
  • Take classes anytime and anywhere (see our course list at the bottom of this page)
  • Finish classes at an accelerated pace 


The tuition cost for this program is $150 per unit (see list of available courses at the bottom of this page)

Admission Requirements:

  • Statement of faith in Jesus Christ
  • Must have completed the Sophomore year of High School
  • Ability to study and write at the collegiate level
  • Submission of application materials
  • Be of ages 15-19
    • Any student outside of this age group can petition to the Director of Online Programs for admittance into this program

Admission Process:

  1. Complete and submit the Application for Online Learning.
  2. Recommendation of Pastor:
    The applicant must attend an evangelical church or fellowship and provide a recommendation from one of the pastors or church leaders.
  3. Submit an Official Transcript from your high school. Home school students can find transcript information here. Please make sure that the school has the correct address with The Master's University Online box number 33.
  4. Complete the Dual Enrollment form.
  5. Pay the $35 application fee. This can be paid through the mail by check, or by phone by calling the Administrative Office.

 Application Fee

Courses Currently Available

Click on the name of the course to view the description. All courses are offered every session. 


Click Here to view the Required Textbooks for all Online General Education courses shown below.

Course #Course & Sample Clip
UnitsFacilitatorFulfills TMU's New 2015 GE Requirements
B101 Old Testament Survey I 3 Mike Grisanti Yes*
B102 Old Testament Survey II 3 Mike Grisanti Yes*
B201 New Testament Survey I 3 Tom Halstead Yes*
B202 New Testament Survey II 3 Tom Halstead Yes*
BTH321 Christian Theology I 3 Brian Morley Yes*
BTH322 Christian Theology II 3 Brian Morley Yes*
C100 Spoken Communication 3 Bob Dickson Yes*
CH151 General Chemistry 1 3 Matt Ingle No - Elective only
E110 English Composition 3 Morgan Voorhis Yes*
E211 English Literature I 3 Bob Dickson Fulfills Either GE Literature Course*
E221 World Literature I 3 Bob Dickson Fulfills Either GE Literature Course*
ECN200 Macroeconomics 3 Kevin Hill Yes*
ECN210 Microeconomics 3 Kevin Hill No
H211 World History I 3 Dan Roland Yes*
H212 World History II 3 Dan Roland/John Melcon Yes*
H241 US History I 3 Dan Roland Yes*
LS140 Principles of Biology 3 Joe Francis No
LS150L Essentials of Biology Lab 1 Joe Francis First class starts January, 2017
LS200 Foundations of Science 3 Joe Francis Yes*
MA240 Critical Thinking & Problem Solving 3 Claire Blackwell Yes*
MU190 Essentials of Music and Art 3 Ruta Bloomfield Yes*
P311 Introduction to Philosophy 3 Brian Morley Yes*
POL220 US Government 3 Dan Roland Yes*
 SP220A Introductory Spanish 1A 2 Ricardo Morales No - Elective only 
SP220B Introductory Spanish 1B 2 Ricardo Morales No - Elective only