High School Partnership Program

The Master’s University Online Program partners with like-minded Christian high schools and co-op homeschool groups to offer dual enrollment options for their high school junior and senior students. Many schools and programs utilize this option alongside or in place of AP courses. These courses are run over a 16-week period and follow TMU’s Fall and Spring semester schedule.

We teach these courses in a fully online format. Many of our partner schools set a period aside during school hours and allow their students to complete the required coursework.\ We teach every course from a Biblical worldview. With this in mind, we challenge our students academically and spiritually, by examining historical and contemporary issues with a Biblical approach.

What are the advantages of dual enrollment?

\ Save Money. Students that participate in dual enrollment save money, as we significantly reduce the tuition for the dual enrollment program. The more units they take, the less they will spend on their total college tuition.

Save Time. By completing college credits in high school, students can shorten the amount of time required to complete their bachelor’s degree. As a result, students can enter their careers earlier.

How does an online high school partnership course work?

Every week students have a variety of activities to complete. These include activities such as:

Students complete these activities on or submit through our online learning management system. Our partner schools typically put a class period aside for their students to work on their assignment, watch lectures, etc.

What courses do we offer?

We offer courses in the fall semester and the spring semester. We will post the 2019-2020 schedule soon.