Christian Ministries

The online Christian Ministries degree is composed of 14 major courses totaling 42 semester units. Its primary purpose is to provide individuals with a comprehensive biblical philosophy of ministry through a systematic examination of key aspects of God’s program within a local church. The goal of the major is to provide graduates with a thorough understanding of what God is doing in the world through the church, and the role of each believer within that work.


Required major courses for the Christian Ministry degree online are taught in two 8-week blocks over three semesters each year. Students taking one course per block are able to complete the major coursework in 28 months. By taking more than one course per block, the program can be completed in as little as 14 months.

General Education & Electives

  • All TMU BA degrees require students to complete 122 semester units which includes major coursework (42 units), General Education (GE) requirements (65 units), and unrestricted electives (15 units).

  • GE and elective courses can be taken through TMU Online, transferred in from another accredited college or university, and/or via Advanced Placement or CLEP (subject to TMU transfer credit policies).

  • GE and elective courses can be taken prior to, concurrent with, or subsequent to completion of the major coursework.

Degree Requirements Summary

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Christian Ministries

  • BIB310 Foundations of Biblical Study (3)

  • B340 Biblical Interpretation

  • BTH336 Theology of the Church (3)

  • BIB349 Dynamics of Grace (3)

  • BIB355 Worldview, Apologetics, Evangelism (3)

  • BIB375 Church History (3)

  • BIB380 Christian Education (3)

  • BIB390 Principles of Effective Teaching (3)

  • BIB400 Church Administration (3)

  • BIB410 Corporate Worship (3)

  • BC300 Introduction to Biblical Counseling (3)

  • BIB430 Principles of Discipleship (3)

  • BIB460 Missions (3)

  • BIB470 Contemporary Issues in Church Ministry (3)

**Every third course, one unit of Distinctives of Biblical Living is required.

Total units for core classes (42)