Business Management

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The Business Management degree has been developed to create leaders that solve problems and make decisions while leading and guiding an organizational unit in its efforts to achieve a goal or objective. Students will study the fundamentals of management theory together with the tools used by modern management practitioners; will explore modern theories, concepts, and principles of management and administration; will apply the lessons learned to contemporary management situation; and will be encouraged to develop an appetite for contemporary management literature. In the Business Department, students develop from a common viewpoint that all truth is of God. Therefore, as led by the Spirit, the student will search for truth to be applied with wisdom to the glory and honor of God.

Program Level Learning Outcomes

A graduate from TMU’s Online Bachelor of Science in Business Management degree program should be able to demonstrate a strong working knowledge in the following areas:

  1. Accounting

  2. Economics

  3. Management

  4. Information system applications

  5. Finance

  6. International commerce

  7. Marketing

  8. Quantitative analysis techniques

  9. Business Law

  10. Personal issues in a business organization

  11. One of the following management-related areas:

a) The role of financial intermediation in society

b) Vehicles and strategies which relate to investments in the stock and bond markets

c) Cost accounting


The list is coming soon!

Degree Requirements Summary

Click here to print a summary of the degree requirements for the Online Business Management Degree


Course Number & Title Units Course Number & Title  Units 
MGT330 Business Communications 3 MGT351 Human Resource
MIS320  Information Systems Applications 3 FIN440 Finance 
ECN210 Microeconomics 3 ACC460 Tax Accounting
MGT310 Management Theory 3 MGT321 Decision Science
MKT350 Marketing Fundamentals  3 Choose 3 of the 4 Following Courses
ACC210 Accounting Fundamentals I 3 BUS483 Business Internship

Each Class is

3 Units

ACC220 Accounting Fundamentals II 3 BUS368 Entrepreneurship
INB311 Global Business Strategies 3 FIN341 Investments
BUS320 Business Law 3 MKT462 Sales and Customer Service
BUS310 Statistics for Business 3 BUS490 Advanced Business Seminar\*\* 3