Bachelor of Arts, Biblical Studies

Program Description

The Bachelor of Art in Biblical Studies stresses the understanding, interpretation, and application of biblical literature. The biblical content is studied in light of its original historical context so that a biblical understanding is applied to the theological and cultural issues of today. The program guides you in developing a biblical worldview built upon the Word of God and applied to all areas of life. In addition to academic coursework, practical, spiritual growth is emphasized.


Weeks Per Class:


Number of Classes:


Total Units*


Total Cost**


*Does not include required general education and elective coursework.
**Major courses are $450 per unit. This cost does not include the required general education and elective coursework

Major Courses

  • Major Courses keyboard_arrow_down
    Course Number Course Name Units
    B306 Genesis 3
    B335 Revelation 3
    B342 Romans 3
    B346 Life of Christ 3
    B364 History of Ancient Israel 3
    B407 Isaiah 3
    BC300 Introduction to Biblical Counseling 3
    BC310 Foundations of Biblical Study 3
    B340 Biblical Interpretation 3
    BL305 Elementary Greek 1 3
    BL306 Elementary Greek 2 3
    BL307 Elementary Greek 3 3
    B400 Senior Integration Seminar 3
    BTH337 Theology of God 3
    BCW363 Apologetics 3
    B300 Land of the Bible - Undergraduate 3

What you will learn

  1. Discuss the significant historical, geographical, cultural, and theological background, themes, and interpretive problems of each book of the Bible.
  2. Demonstrate the correct application of hermeneutical principles to develop an interpretation of a Biblical text.
  3. Demonstrate a working knowledge of available and electronic Bible study tools.
  4. Produce undergraduate university-level written research in Biblically related topic areas.
  5. Demonstrate a foundational working knowledge of Biblical Greek.

Admissions Requirements

To be admitted as an undergraduate degree-seeking student in the School of Online Education, an applicant must:

  1. Have a clear profession of faith in Jesus Christ as his/her personal Savior.

  2. Be a high school graduate or have a GED certificate.

  3. Submit official transcripts (high school, college, trade school, etc.).