The Master’s University Master of Arts in Biblical Studies (MABS) is a fully online graduate degree with no on-campus requirements. This program provides a systematic graduate-level study of the various sections of the Old and New Testaments. It also includes an examination of the major categories of Christian Theology, with particular focus on their application to current societal issues.

We are pleased to announce, beginning Spring 2019, students in the Master of Arts in Biblical Studies will have five Emphases choices in their degree program. Students will develop a more advanced understanding of the application of biblical truth particularly relevant to their gifts and ministry. The five emphases are:

  1. Biblical Languages
  2. Missions
  3. Music and Worship
  4. Theological Studies
  5. Women’s Ministry

Please check back soon as we will have additional information posted!

Program Info

Weeks Per Class:


Total Number of Classes:


Total Number of Units:




Major Courses

Course Number Course Title Units Course Number Course Title Units
BTS500 Introduction to Biblical Studies 2 BTS501 Hermeneutics 2
BTS511 Creation and Covenant 2 BTS512 History of the Covenant People 2
BTS513 Prophecy and Prophets in Context 2 BTS515 Worship and Wisdom 2
BTS521 Historical Background of the New Testament 2 BTS522 Life, Ministry, & Theology of Christ 2
BTS520 Early Church and Book of Acts 2 BTS523 Letters and Theology of Paul 2
BTS524 Theology of General Epistles & Revelation 2 BTS550 Central Themes of Biblical Theology 2
BTS571 Contemporary Issues in Theology 2 BTS510 Land of the Bible 2


A student must demonstrate they have completed 18 Units of Bible and Theology course at the undergraduate level. If they are unable to or fall short in meeting that requirement, they may meet the requirement by taking the courses listed below or by taking a three-part comprehensive entrance exam.

Course Title Units
B101 Old Testament Survey 13
B102 Old Testament Survey 23
B201 New Testament Survey 13
B202 New Testament Survey 23
BTH321 Christian Theology 13
BTH322 Christian Theology 23

A student may also choose to test out of the 18 units by taking our comprehensive three-part entrance examination in the Old Testament, New Testament, and Christian Theology. This will certify a level of theological knowledge necessary for graduate study. The student must get a grade of 70 or higher in each section to pass that section. A student may pass just 1 section and be exempt from that course work requirement.

Here is the study guide for the entrance exam. (


Admission Requirements:

1. Faith in Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and Savior

2. Sealed official College transcripts

3. 2.75 or higher undergraduate GPA

4. Completed Application

5. The student must demonstrate one of the following

  • a. 18 units of Bible and Theology course work completed at the undergraduate level OR,

  • b. By completing a three-part comprehensive entrance examination.