MAE Summer Institute

Program Distinctives

The MAE SIP is a 35 semester unit, non-conventional curriculum designed for individuals such as teachers and school administrators who are actively involved in schools. The first 18 semester units (Concentration) of the MAE program come from units that the candidate took post baccalaureate degree to gain their initial Preliminary teaching credential. The next 14 units (Core Studies) are offered in SIP (Summer Institute Program) format. The last three units (Capstone Assessment) includes the choice of completing an action research project or a showcase portfolio. Either choice will be completed under the supervision of a panel made up of a full-time faculty member and two other committee members who are qualified to provide guidance and evaluation in the area of the action research or portfolio.

Program Length

The SIP modular courses are offered for two weeks each summer. Each week consists of 4 - 6 units of classes. Each of the modular courses is divided into three parts:

  1. extensive pre-session assignments
  2. one week per class of classroom lecture on campus at The Master's College
  3. post session assignments

The length of the program will depend on how many units a candidate takes each summer.

Course Registration

Registration forms for those who have been accepted to the MAE SIP courses will be available online in early spring. In addition to registering for specific courses, this form allows the student to pay for their courses, as welll as make housing and meal plan reservations. Housing and meal plans are available for the student's spouse and his/her entire family.

Remote Library Access

In order to facilitate research from off campus locations, the college library provides remote access to many of The Master's College's online databases. This access allows the student to search the available databases from any computer off campus that has an Internet connection. Currently, The Master's College has over 20 databases available with remote access. Students are welcome to contact the library directly if they need help with their research needs.