The Master's College

Program Outline

The M.A. in Biblical Counseling is a 40 credit hour graduate degree program, designed to allow students to pursue in-depth training in Biblical Counseling while continuing in their current ministries or occupations.

Course Formats

Courses are persued through a combination of a on-campus, online, extension, conference and directed study courses. The program is designed to give students maximum flexibility in progressing through the degree while also strategically offering instruction in the format best suited for effective educational training--serving both distance and local students. With these available formats, the entire degree may be earned without relocating to Southern California, although local students may experience additional mentoring because of their proximity to campus.

On-Campus Courses

Courses which are only offered on-campus--because of their unique advantage in a traditional classroom setting--may be pursued either through weekly meetings (courses meeting once a week for a 15-week period), or through intensive meetings (courses which meet intensively for 1 week on campus in July and online the rest of the term).

Weekly courses are designed to serve especially residents of the greater Los Angeles area or others who are able to move to the area. Courses are held at night, Mondays through Thursdays, allowing students to continue to work in their present occupations and ministries while completing their degree program.

Intensive courses (available only during the Summer term) are designed to serve especially students around the world entrenched in their ministries and without the ability to relocate to Southern California. Courses extend from May to August, but intensive lectures and classroom dialogue are conducted in a single week period always in July. Preparatory and follow-up studies surround the intensive week. Students are encouraged to take four courses each summer (which include two weeks of intensive class meetings) in order to complete the on-campus requirement in 2 summers.

Online Courses

Online courses are offered throughout the year through the College's internet-based learning management system called "Joule." The student views lectures online and is guided through class discussions and coursework by an online instructor. Weekly schedules are flexible but students make progress together through course content over the duration of the term.

Extension Courses

Extension courses are offered in connection with long term or short term travel study in Bible lands. These courses serve to build the student's exegetical base and knoledge of the Scripture. More information about these courses can be found here.

Conference Courses

Conference courses unite students of Biblical Counseling with the leaders of the field through preparation for and an exclusive experience at key annual conferences of Biblical Counseling practicioners and teachers.

Directed Study Courses

Courses guided by an advisor involve practical mentorship and close supervision via internet, phone, personal meetings (if local), and email with a member of the faculty.

Program Length

The program is optimally completed in two to four years, but program length may depend on the student's own schedule and external commitments. Typically, students complete their course work over a two to three year period, and their internship and research in an additional year. The degree must be completed within six years of enrollment.

Remote Library Access

In order to facilitate research from off campus locations, the Robert L. Powell Library provides remote access to many of The Master's College's online databases. This access allows the student to search available databases from any computer off campus that has an Internet connection. Currently, The Master's College has over 20 databases available with remote access. Students are welcome to contact the library directly if they need help with their research goals.