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Course Description & Program Design

Course Formats

Both program formats have the same cost, curriculum, professors, and program length (2 years minimum and 6 years maximum).

On-Campus (For Local Students)

Fall/Spring Semesters (Aug - Dec, Jan - May)

  • Semester length: 16 weeks.
  • Class Assignments: Online assignments from home
  • Class days: Once a week on either a Mon, Tues, Wed, or Thurs
  • Class times: 5:30pm - 7:20pm - 9:20pm
  • Attendance: Required in-person
  • Optional: Students can take some online courses with advisor approval

Summer Semesters (May - Aug)
Optional: Summer semesters are optional (not recommended) for On-campus students. Follow the Distance/Hybrid Summer format and schedule.

Distance/Hybrid (For Non-Local Students)

Fall/Spring Semesters (Aug - Dec, Jan - May)

  • Semester length: 16 weeks.
  • Class Assignments: Online assignments from home
  • Class days: None
  • Class times: None. These are online pre-recorded class lectures
  • Attendance: No in-person attendance required, except … BC598 requires one-day in-person attendance the day before graduation to defend thesis
  • Optional: “Live” interactive online lectures. Follow the Fall/Spring On-Campus class format and schedule. Attendance required from your computer at home.

Summer Semesters (May - Aug) required for all distance/hybrid students

  • Semester length: 16 weeks (1 week lectures in July; 2 weeks max.)
  • Class Assignments: Online assignments from home
  • Class days: Mon – Fri (1 week min. for each class; max. 2 classes a week)
  • Class times: 8:30am – 12:25pm or 1:45pm – 5:40pm
  • Attendance: Required in-person attendance for class lectures in July for 1 week min., 2 weeks max. (July dates vary year to year)
  • Optional: On-campus housing/meals available at $495/week/person

Housing Options

Program Framework The Master of Arts in Biblical Counseling is awarded to students who successfully fulfill the requirements of the following courses (see our Degree Progress Tracker for our prescribed order of the courses):


  • BC501: Introduction to Biblical Counseling (2)
  • BC502: Essential Qualities of a Biblical Counselor (2)
  • BC503: Methods of Biblical Change (2)
  • BC506: Theology & The Psychologies (2)
  • BC511: Theological Basis of Biblical Counseling (2)
  • BC521: Problems & Procedures (2)
  • BC531: Hermeneutics (2)
  • BC532: Advanced Hermeneutics (2)
  • BC542: Marriage & Family Counseling (2)
  • BC556: ACBC Membership Seminar (2)
  • BC557: Counseling & Physiology (2)
  • BC560: Biblical Conflict Resolution (2)
  • BC580: Counseling Observation & Practicum (2)
  • BC592: Counseling Internship (2)
  • BC593: Advanced Counseling Internship (2)
  • BC598: Thesis Research (2)

One Elective Course

The student will take one additional elective course (2 credit hours), related to his or her specific research or counseling methodology interests. Elective class offerings vary from semester to semester. For a list of some of the elective classes we have offered, please consult our Class Listings page.

*Every student graduating from the MABC program will have completed all requirements for certification with the Association of Certified Biblical Counselors (ACBC), by nature of those requirements seamlessly woven into the curriculum of required courses.

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