Dear TMC Family and Friends:

In 2009, the Walnut Creek Campus of The Center for Professional Studies came about through a special partnership with North Creek Church.

Over the years, we have found an environment that has been varied and not as responsive to the format of the Walnut Creek Campus  as we had first projected. Subsequently,  we have found that we cannot financially sustain the satellite campus. TMC Administration has been working to create an orderly teach-out plan and closure as of April 20, 2013.

The teach-out plan is designed to ensure that all the students currently enrolled will be able to take and complete all of their major cohort courses. General Education courses are taken by our current students in a number of ways; those options will remain available. We anticipate final teach-out and closure  by October, 2014.

If anyone has any specific questions relative to the teach-out and closure plan of our Walnut Creek campus, please contact Wayne Dell at 362-2671. He will be able to answer your question, or refer you to the appropriate department for answers to those questions. Thanks for your continued faithfulness in the work God has given us.

Find out more information about Degree Completion at the Santa Clarita campus