The Master's College Audio Technology Degree Effort

New Effort to Provide a Bachelor of Arts Degree Program in Music and Audio Technology at The Master's College

Audio Masters.jpgToday's media has become a major influence in shaping the world. We believe that…and need your help in preparing a new educational program at The Master's College that will put our students to work in Hollywood.

The most influential forms of mass media shaping today's culture are created in Hollywood and Los Angeles just a few miles south of The Master's College campus. Audio technology provides a significant portion of the "magic" found in movies, music, television and the internet. While we may watch a popular movie two or three times, we will listen to its musical soundtrack hundreds of times.

The use of audio technology is also expanding rapidly within churches to enhance the worship experience at worship services, seasonal programs and special events, as well as Web documentaries, missionary reports, new believer stories, student ministries and more. Even smaller churches frequently make use of a wide array of new multimedia tools and depend on complex audio equipment as part of their regular weekly services. So there is a growing demand for trained audio technicians to serve on church staffs.

There is a great opportunity at The Master's College to prepare young committed Christians with the unique combination of skills in audio technology and music for key leadership roles in the audio recording industry and in church ministries around the world.

Placing committed Christians in professional relationships where they shape the message and content of media is an expression of our college's goal to bring the Gospel to bear in all aspects of life.

The Master's College is developing a new Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree in Music in Audio Technology, with study in the areas of:

Music Theory

Sound for Film

Sound Editing

Recording Engineering

Computers & Music


Music Composition


Music History

World Music

The vision for this program began just over two years ago when the music department offered a few introductory audio recording courses taught by adjunct faculty who are both committed believers and highly regarded professionals in the film and recording industry. These courses were immediately filled to capacity, with a long waiting list of additional interested students. During the fall 2010 semester a follow-up course was offered in "Sound to Film" that was conducted on site at the Fox Studios editing studio in Burbank.Master'sChorale.jpg

Student interest in the program continues to grow dramatically. Several upper division students indicated they would postpone graduation to participate in the new program, and recent music graduates have expressed interest in returning to The Master's College for another year or more to take advantage of this new program.

During this time, some Christian professionals in the entertainment industry volunteered to help us shape an effective and excellent program. Included in this group are representatives from Nashville's The Idea Agency, Walt Disney Studio, 20th Century Fox, and NBC Universal.

The need: Most of the pieces are already in place to make this great opportunity a reality. However one necessary component is lacking: the college needs a state-of-the-art professional recording studio to be able to fully implement the required range of coursework.

concert at master's2.jpgThe new recording studio would complement the college's existing professional recital hall - one of the best recital halls in the country. It provides the music department with a large facility for both choral and instrumental instruction, rehearsals, and performances. The acoustics are equal in quality to any professional studio in Hollywood, and its large size makes it one of only four venues in the greater Los Angeles area able to record full orchestra performances. The addition of a professional recording studio will provide The Master's College students with an unparalleled educational environment to equip them for careers in the audio technology industry or in church music ministry.

The recording studio will be built at the back of the Recital Hall and equipped with state-of-the-art recording and editing equipment. Students will be able to closely observe and participate in live recording and editing operations of the many concerts and recitals performed in the hall. Studio construction will reroute existing electrical and air conditioning equipment, and construct a 19'x25'x13' studio quality soundproof room including new design sound isolating windows for monitoring of performances. The college will also purchase and seek the donation of audio recording and editing equipment including computer hardware and software, amplifiers, speakers, mixing boards, equalizers, microphones, monitors, and cabling.

To complete the project we are looking for donors and partners who see the need to extend Christian influence in the entertainment industry and better support the growing need for professional audio production in ministries around the world.

Please contact Luke Cherry, Director of Advancement, at 661.362.2603 or email Luke at You may also donate online by clicking here and typing "AUDIO" in the gift information window of the online form.