Well, it's a big summer project for many of us here at The Master's College - the creation of a new alumni house and a home for our advancement offices on campus. We're scrubbing and painting, moving and hauling, as we move several offices that were once scattered across the campus into a new home.

DSCN05361.jpgOur new home is the old computer science building immediately adjacent to the college library. Many of our alumni also recognize this house as the old home of the music program. And real old timers remember this building as the residence of Dr. John R. Dunkin and his family who served as president of the college for 25 years prior to our current president, Dr. John MacArthur.

The building will now have a new life as the center of activity for our alumni and will also house the advancement offices of the college, including staff members in development, marketing and advancement services.

We want this to be a new home for our alumni, donors and friends of the college and we're hard at work at making this a great place for you to visit. We're putting together displays of historical photos and college memorabilia. We're creating some conference room space for alumni meetings and spaces for volunteers to come and work alongside our students and staff on projects supporting the college.

When you're on campus, please be sure to come by. We still may be a bit dusty or be covered with paint, but we would be happy to show you around. After all, this is YOUR alumni house!


The Master's College Alumni Director Polly Meredith tries to find a place for files and more as we create The Master's College's first ever alumni house.