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Women's soccer takes TMC mission to Haiti

Posted on: November 01

By Brett Piper

Last summer, The Master’s College women’s soccer team traveled to Fort-Liberte, Haiti, to help better the living situations for Haitians still suffering in the wake of the earthquake that devastated the nation four years ago, and to serve as missionaries.

Most sports programs at The Master’s College take a missions trip every three to four years in an attempt to evangelize, serve and create relationships. The trips are designed to take what has been learned at the college and to incorporate it in a tangible way in the world.

The women’s soccer team was prepared to travel to Haiti by the Director of Global Outreach, Dr. Lisa La George. The student-athletes enrolled in Preparation for Global Outreach as a training course to learn what to expect in a foreign country and how to execute their goals of serving others.

“We prepare students for an opportunity to be overseas in a way that deals with their character, with the content of the gospel, understanding culture and the competencies to travel internationally with wisdom, discernment and care,” La George said.

On top of taking the class, the team raised funds and received donations from fellow students, professors and people outside the college.

“A majority of the fundraising came from selling books,” said sophomore Ashley Hopkins. “A lot of the stuff we brought to Haiti were donated soccer balls and cleats and we were able to give those away. We brought those on our own in giant bags to give to the people.”

The team’s goals included offering love and encouragement to a nation that is still hurting. Many people in the country struggle to support their families.

“As a team we wanted to love on the Haitians in the community and encourage the missionaries,” said Tita Garcia, former goalkeeper for the team.

While most would think the only purpose of a mission trip is to show people salvation through Jesus Christ and improve their current living situations, it also brings joy and inspiration to those who serve. Members of the soccer team felt that serving in Haiti reminded them to be thankful for what they are blessed with, especially after seeing how little most people in Haiti have.

It also taught them that they can make a difference.

“Through partnering with the missionaries, we assisted with building a playground by putting a cement sidewalk in,” Hopkins said.

The trip has also encouraged some of the players to serve again, either in Haiti or in another country. The Master’s College continues to develop students spiritually and send them around the world to make disciples.

“We really are empowering students to live a life of enduring commitment to the kingdom of God,” La George said.

Brett Piper is a TMC communications major.

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