he questions most churches have are “How are we going to administrate this fund?”, or“How do we decide who qualifies for these funds?” We recommend that churches allow the Deacon board to administrate the awarding of the fund. An example of how

this process might work is listed below. Click here for to view a sample application that could be used for your students to apply for your scholarship. This sample gives recommendations for requirements your church may or may not have for those who request Church Funds for Christian Higher Education. The sample application assumes that the church would have these funds available to multiple Christian colleges and universities; however a church can decide to have funds available for The Master’s College only.

Example Process:

  • Deacon board establishes deadline for applications from students
  • Deacon board reviews and discusses those applicants that meet all qualification
  • Deacon board then decides what amounts and to what colleges they will disburse matching funds
  • Deacon board fills out College or University Ministry matching form(s) and sends check along with form by specified date


There are a myriad of ways in which a church can create and fund a Church Matching Grant Fund. The following are a few common options.

  • Create a Church Matching Fund line item in the budget for a specified amount and fund it from the general fund. You can establish the fund with a specific amount that remains the same from year to year. In this case funds would be equally distributed among all applicants. If you choose to have the amount fluctuate based on the number of students in college, monies from the general fund would then vary to meet amount designated per student.
  • Create a Church Matching Fund line item in the budget and fund it from special giving. Special giving can be fund raisers, special offerings, or direct giving. The church could then distribute the raised funds among applicants.
  • Create a Church Matching Fund line item in the mission’s budget and fund it from the mission’s budget in the general fund. The Missions Committee would then decide if all funds come from the mission’s budget or a combination of funds from the mission’s fund, special offerings, direct giving and/or fund raisers.
  • If you wish to discuss a particular way for the church to establish, administrate and maintain the fund, please feel free to contact Gary Edwards at 661-259-3540 ext. 2291 or gedwards@masters.edu.
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