Standards of Conduct

If admitted to The Master’s College, I hereby agree to seek earnestly the will of God for my life, to conform sincerely to the standards of conduct of the college both on and off campus, to assist the school in maintaining the spirit and letter of its guidelines for its students and to cultivate in my own attitude and behavior a godly example.

If admitted, I will regularly attend a Bible-teaching, evangelical church. Furthermore, I agree to become familiar with the complete content of the Student Handbook and to abide by all appropriate policies and expectations.

I agree to abstain from anything specifically prohibited by the Bible, such as sexual immorality. I agree to exercise discernment regarding use of radio, television, internet, and the printed page including a total avoidance of pornographic programming, films and literature. I also agree to abstain from such practices as gambling, the use of beverages that lead to intoxication, the misuse of prescription drugs, and the use of illegal drugs and tobacco.

I also agree not to cheat in any way on any academic assignments or requirements. I agree to treat college properties and facilities with respect. I accept that it is my responsibility to be a good steward of the resources God has provided the college, including the dining center, library, classrooms, and dormitories.

I agree to treat all others in the college community with respect, especially professors in the classroom. I will readily participate in class discussions, but I agree not to disrupt instruction or do anything that will make it difficult for professors to lead classes.

I agree to fulfill my financial commitment to the college as determined during the registration process.

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