Advanced Start Academic Program (ASAP)

The Master's University Advanced Start Academic Program (ASAP) enables juniors and seniors in high school to take accredited, college-level Bible and General Education (GE) courses that can meet both high school graduation requirements and be counted toward an undergraduate degree at The Master's University.

Students enrolling in ASAP will be allowed to register for select undergraduate classes taught on-campus at The Master’s University. Therefore, the program is best suited for students living within reasonable commuting distance of the campus. ASAP students are expected to meet the same academic requirements as other undergrad students in each class. Student may choose to enroll in individual classes (see list below). or join a cohort of dual enrollment students taking the same classes together. Cohort students participate in campus chapels and may also purchase lunch in the Mustang Grill.

The application process for ASAP is identical to the online application process. To be considered for admission, all incoming students must submit the following:

  • Undergrad Admissions Application (Click her to complete the application)
  • $35 Application Fee
  • Personal Statements (included with application)
  • Current Official High School Transcript
  • Academic Writing Sample (minimum 500 words)
  • Pastor Recommendation Form (here)
  • Educator Recommendation Form (here)


Minimum Requirements for Admission to ASAP:

  • Cumulative H.S. GPA of 3.0
  • Writing Sample - submit a piece of academic writing (creative or research) you've already written as part of your high school curriculum. Your sample should be a minimum of 500 words, typed, double-spaced.


Available Courses for ASAP Students

Course #, Course Title, Units

B101, Old Testament Survey I, 3 units
B102, Old Testament Survey II, 3 units
B201, New Testament Survey I, 3 units
B202, New Testament Survey II, 3 units
CS111, Intro. to Computer Prog., 4 units
E120, Intro. to Literature, 3 units
POL220, U.S. Government, 3 units
H211, Essentials of World History I, 3 units
H212, Essentials of World History II, 3 units
H230, Essentials of U.S. History, 3 units
LS150, Essentials of Biology, 3 units
LS150L, Essentials of Bio, Lab, 1 unit

Tuition is $165 per semester unit plus any additional course/lab fees. Financial aid and/or monthly payment plans are not available.

Please Note: All new ASAP students may take a maximum of 6 units during their first semester. If the student achieves a “B” grade point average or above, he or she may take up to 6 units the following semester(s).


For more information about this program please contact: