The events list is built by items in an "Events" folder. Create an event and fill in the info.

The Page Title is the title of the event.

Use the calendar to select the start date. If the event spans multiple days, select the end date. If you have left the end date empty, you may fill in a start time. This is just plain text, so it should be formatted as "7:00 pm". This can also be substituted by another short string of text such as the price of admission.

The event can link to a page with more information.


The "More Info Link" takes precedence, linking to an existing page on the site. If you'd like to create a page with some basic information about an event, go to the event description tab at the top and add a page. The Page Title will automatically be added to the top.

For events on the main homepage, add an event image from the "Event Thumbnails" folder. This should be an image sized 72px by 53px, or, if necessary for quality, 144px by 106px.