Content Management Training

Our website Content Management System is called Umbraco (Um-brah-ko). It's a well respected, free, Microsoft-friendly CMS that gives us a lot of flexibility. You'll find it very similar to editing in Word.

You can access Umbraco by going to or going to Resources, Fac/Staff, and under Additional Links you'll find a link. Your account is separate from every other TMC account. You will be sent your username and a temporary password, which can be changed by clicking your avatar in the top left.

You'll use the navigation tree to move around the site. Hover over the item and click the arrow that pops up to expand the child nodes of that page. Right click on a node to do operations like delete, move, or sort child nodes. In some browsers you may have better luck right clicking the blank space to the right of the title.


To create a new page, right click on the parent page and click Create. You can also click the three dots to the right of the page. Choose the type of content you want to create:

  • Most pages: BasicPage
  • A link in the sidebar menu to an outside page: ExternalLink
  • A link in the sidebar menu to an internal page: RedirectTo


We use two properties for the title of a page. The top property when you're editing is the Name. This shows up in Umbraco's navigation and in the URL of the live page. Realize that changing this will break all direct links to this page, and that punctuation can cause the link to not work. Spaces are automatically replaced with hyphens.

The second title is the Page Title, found on the Meta Content tab. This shows up in the title of the browser, bookmarks, and in the website's sidebar menus.

BasicPages have a Main Content property, which is a rich text editor. The toolbar contains a number of buttons, which you can hover over for more explanation. Source Code lets you edit the HTML directly, Formats provide some basic styling including headers and buttons, the chain icon lets you insert links, and the picture icon lets you embed images from Media.


There are two stages of saving in Umbraco. Just saving a page will store the data in Umbraco without affecting the live site. Clicking Save and Publish will affect the live site.


Pages by default use a random collection of banners. This can be overwritten by changing the template to NoBanner or setting the Banners Folder property under the Properties tab to a folder of images in Media. The images should be 1170px by 400px, or 1170px by 487px for Athletic pages. Make sure to set it to a folder of images rather than just one image itself.



Working with Images

Reordering Pages in Lefthand Menu

Adding Events

Replace a PDF